The Light and Sound Dictionary… continued


Lightframes are eye frames, eye wear or eye goggles with light sources mounted in the front inside portion of the frame. These are the pulsating lights that make up the light stimulation of a light and sound session. The lights themselves can be LEDchips consisting of red-green-blue built-in LEDs within a microchip; LEDs which are color-emitting diodes or white incandescent light bulbs. The lightframes are utilized with eyes closed because the eyelids actually diffuse the lights and heighten the session experience. White incandescent lightframes have a translucent mask between the light bulbs and eyes, which acts to diffuse the pulsating stimulation, enabling the user to experience the session with eyes open. Recently, clear eye frames have been produced with low intensity LED’s that enable the user to experience light and sound sessions with eyes open, enabling the user to simultaneously experience the session while studying, working at computer workstations or during beta EEG/neurofeedback training.

LoopLogic enables the user to determine session length of the 515 CD or LoopLogic CD by programming the CD player to repeat a given track. For example, programming the CD player to play track 4 of the 515 CD (Visualization – 7 min. 10 sec) three times in a row will create a visualization session that is 21:30 long. This same technique also applies to MP3 selections.

Lucid dreaming refers to being aware that you are dreaming while you are experiencing your dreams.

Mind Gear is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of light and sound instruments providing the public with quality systems and cost-effective accessories.

Mind Machines are devices that entrain your mind to allow you access to different states of awareness. Utilizing light and sound for stimulation, these instruments are mainly used for relaxation and learning. Mind Machines are devices that influence your state of mind using specially designed light and sound stimulation. Flickering lights and pulsating sound have been used for centuries to influence moods, from music for relaxation to adrenaline-raising dances around a tribal fire. Light and sound systems have the advantage that the stimulation is more controlled and better designed for its purpose.

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