The Best Entertainment Session


Sometimes I enjoy a light and sound session strictly for entertainment. Usually during a work break, helps my attitude, makes for a nice afternoon.


The 7 minute work time-out

The 7 minute work time-out

The best entertainment session is only 7 minutes long. Just enough time for a session combined with 2 songs from my iphone. The session is called “Roller Coaster” and it is very engaging, very action-packed. “Roller Coaster” is contained in two different light and sound mind machines: the DAVID Delight Plus and the DAVID Delight Pro by Mind Alive. Listed under the Energize category, it’s session number five and has no target frequencies.



DAVID Delight Plus

A nice-to-have ‘adjunctive feature’ with these DAVID mind machines by Mind Alive, Inc. is you can activate the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) function and be aware of your heart rate during every built-in session.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro Mind Machine including CES


This is an entertaining way for people to just tune-out the outside and enjoy. Obviously. But with all the others reasons for using light and sound mind machines: relaxation, meditation, brainwave focus training, this just sheds a little light on how entertaining these DAVID mindmachines can be.

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