Synetic Systems Mastermind

Mindplace, the manufacturer that produces the Proteus, Procyon and Kasina Mind Media mind machines, was formerly known as Synetic Systems. During that period, they produced a beneficial little mind machine (also known as brain machine or psychowalkman) called the Mastermind.


The Mastermind was a pretty cool little system, featuring a unique new keyboard that allowed the user to chose the type of brainwave stimulation they wanted; the type of audio beats, for example binaural beats, for the light and sound frequency generation; and the length of time they wanted the session to last. Synetic Systems streamlined the selection process, making the whole thing easier to use.


On top of all those features they offered something else new: Polysync technology. By using a specially encoded cassette tape which in the first five to ten seconds of the tape had a series of beeps and tones which were actually instructions for the Mastermind to synchronize the pulsed lights and audio beats to the music on the cassette.

Polysync was touted as extra special, making the Mastermind the only light and sound mind machine you would ever need because all you would have to purchase in the future would be Polysync cassette tapes.

As great an idea as this was, unfortunately cassette tapes faded from the landscape as CDs became the popular format. And one word can best describe why the Mastermind was discontinued: Audiostrobe.


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