Stress –> Exhaustion –> Bingeing –> How to break the cycle?  (Part Two)

By Catherine Garceau 

We can’t escape the complexity of our relationship with food (believe me when I say I’ve tried).  While I do believe that the adventure of going deep into the intricacies of this relationship is well worth it, I also like to mention simple tools, like brainwave entrainment, that make parts of it easier to engage in and follow through on.

Several experiments with meditation have demonstrated that brainwave balancing can lead to reduced stress, increased peace and greater emotional awareness (all necessary to break the bingeing cycle). For this reason, I’ve tried many mediation practices over the years, never to find any relief or improvements.

When I started using the David Delight Pro, an Audio Visual Entrainment device with Cranial Sacral, however, something changed. Finally, I experienced results in mind/body health through improvements in my ability to relax, be calmer, and better integrate the work I was doing with Emotional Freedom Techniques (more on this later). I’ve since called it the glue to my rejuvenative lifestyle.

Let’s face it, our world is going faster and faster, stress is everywhere we turn.  We know we need to slow down, but our brain is wired to do the opposite.

It’s no wonder ADD, ADHD, adrenal fatigue, stress and depression is making us emotionally overwhelmed, and sadly, stuffing our feelings down with food.

I’m not here to say that brainwave entrainment is all we need to break the bingeing cycle, because there really is much more to experiencing complete freedom from it all, but balancing brainwaves bring upon great relief from anxiety, thus diminishing the intensity of binges.

As I share more 360 degree practices with you, I wanted to highlight brainwave entrainment as a technology all women struggling with emotional eating should know about. Use it in the morning and I night – this is a great first step towards breaking the cycle of stress, exhaustion and bingeing!

(End of Part Two)

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