Stress –> Exhaustion –> Bingeing –> How to break the cycle?  (Part One)

By Catherine Garceau

10 years ago, I ended an Olympic career due to a destructive cycle of bingeing and purging on food. I’ve since been on a quest (seemingly endless) to understand the many intricacies linked to these unstoppable urges to eat.

How could I will myself to an Olympic bronze medal but not be able to use this same will power to overcome devastating struggles with food and body?

This question not only set be on a new journey of self-discovery, it also inspired my first book, Swimming Out Of Water: How An Olympian’s Struggle Inspired Breakthrough Discoveries in Health and Well-Being

More than a book, it inspired my life’s work.

Coming out later in 2012 will be the EAT360 online program – that will allow women worldwide to break through like I did with food and body.

 (End of Part One)


>>>Catherine Garceau<<<
Health & Wellness Coach
BodyMind Nutrition – EFT practitioner
Speaker, Author of Swimming Out of Water
Olympic Bronze Medalist – Sydney 2000