Sitting uncomfortably sucks during meditation


There are posts all over the internet that describe how people are supposed to sit while meditating. It’s like a generic ‘everybody should do it this way’ one-size fits all. That is a load of crap as people are of different shapes and sizes, some have sensitive physical problems and others have disabilities. But these guidelines lead people to believe that is the way one should sit during meditation. People have the idea that they have to sit in a certain posture for effective meditation, and yet they find it is impossible to do so comfortably. If you are physically uncomfortable this will dominate your awareness and it will be impossible to relax. Forget what self-described meditation ‘professionals’ say and sit in a way that is comfortable for you.


Sitting during meditation is the most common way. Try to sit with your spine erect without straining. Don’t give it any thought, just sit the way you naturally do. Perhaps both feet on the floor with back support?


If you find yourself still thinking about your posture when you’d hoped to be meditating, consider getting personal assistance. The finest mind tool is the DAVID Delight Pro. Consider incorporating the DAVID Delight Pro into your meditation regimen. The DAVID Delight is much like a mantra, call it an ‘Artificial Mantra’, that unifies the brain to act in sync. You become focused and stay focused without awareness during your entire meditation experience. You are still, comfortable, and in the process of training your mind, body and spirit simultaneously. That is meditation. By incorporating the DAVID Delight Pro into your meditative sessions, you are experiencing what is referred to as Western Meditation (eastern wisdom and western neurotechnology).


With the DAVID Delight Pro as an adjunct to your meditative sessions you will realize sitting ‘correctly’ is no longer an issue. It’ll just occur naturally. And your quest towards singularity will become easier to achieve. The whole reason for meditating, for seeking the elusive state of nothingness (singularity) is to toughen you up… just ask a monk!

Copyright: Michael Landgraf (2013) CA. All rights reserved.