A simple description of what happens when you do a light and sound session


You have a lot on your mind and you’d like a few minutes to mentally sort things out. It’s the ideal time to do a light and sound session. So you reach for your mind machine and settle into your favorite chair.

Wanting to relax and reorganize your thoughts, you choose an alpha brainwave session. It’s not too subconsciously deep, just low enough to help you become inwardly focused and tune out the brain chatter.

So you set the audio volume at a comfortable level, perhaps just below the threshold of your hearing. Your mind will hear the entrainment effects of the binaural beats even though you do not have to be consciously aware of them. Next you set the brightness or light intensity level at a comfortable level. Like audio, the lightframes don’t have to be way bright to make your alpha session more effective. Comfort rules over too loud or too brightly intense.

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Then you press the “play” button. The design of effective light and sound sessions begin with a small induction period, usually in the beta frequency range as that is the normal waking state. As the seconds then minutes pass by the frequencies generated by the alpha session gradually lower towards your targeted brainwave frequency. This gradual lowering into alpha acts as a guide for your mind to follow.

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How? Your mind interprets the pulsed audio and visual stimulation within the brain’s cortex, likes what it hears, and begins to mimic or follow the frequencies being generated. It’s called the Frequency Following Effect and is the root of all brainwave entrainment. So for the next few minutes you realize you are mentally, emotionally and physically relaxed and calm, focused on only yourself, much like the experience of meditation. Without having to be consciously aware of what you are trying to do – which is relax.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

Towards the session’s end, the frequencies are designed to gradually guide you back into your normal waking state. So at the end of the mind machine session you feel relaxed, focused and ready to continue your daily projects, your breathing is rhythmic and you are better able to concentrate on the tasks at hand.



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