Plenty of high school students I’ve met have been totally frustrated with math. Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, even basic math, they all need to take one or all of them to graduate and they have a hard time grasping the concepts. I can relate. Being right-brained, math seemed way too left-brained for me. I was lucky to have patient teachers, many students do not. So what do they do?

Tutors help immensely for some, but many go it alone. For them I recommend synchronizing their brain, as in whole brain synchronization. The method is easy to achieve with the right tool and costs less than hiring a tutor for the semester or year as the case may be. And that tool can last a lifetime. It’s called the DAVID Smart light and sound mind machine by Mind Alive, Inc.


The Smart has two sessions for clearing the mind, improving concentration and memory and re-focusing. They are also great for lowering the anxiety associated with taking tests. There are also two sessions for settling down negative thoughts that we often have when doing things we don’t particularly care doing, don’t understand or just plain don’t get… the Smart boosts confidence in doing those things that we find hard to grasp. It’s a whole brain synchronized entrainment thing that happens when doing a mind machine session, which no conscious effort.

SMART DAVID-smart-mind-machine

The DAVID Smart has ten excellent sessions associated with academics ranging from energized motivation all the way down to sleep, and every brainwave frequency state in-between. So if you find yourself having to take math (or any course for that matter) and it is difficult to grasp, try the Smart approach. It works!

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