RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart

Many of you who use the ALLcolor Visual System have asked if there is a chart available
that will tell exactly what percentage of red, green and/or blue is needed to attain a specific
color. For this reason, we have provided the following information:
RGB chart from ACVS Owners Guide for Fall 2006
The following is an explanation of the RGB color codes:
Using an RGB Hex Triplet chart and the numbers that appear next to each color will enable you
to set the ALLcolor control console ‘sliders’ at the exact setting to achieve the specific colors
you want.
Colors are identified by using six digits: 2 for red, 2 for green and 2 for blue. The numbers must
be in RED. GREEN, BLUE order to be correct.
[ ] RR GG BB (RR=red; GG=green; BB=blue)
FF = 255 = 100%
CC = 204 = 80%
99 = 153 = 60%
66 = 102 = 40%
33 = 51 = 20%
00 = 0 = 0%
As an example, for “Brown” the number next to it in the color chart is: 996600. This tells you
the following: 99 (red at 60%) 66 (green at 40%) 00 (blue at 0%).
Should you have further questions or concerns regarding RGB-based colors, please contact Michael