Restlessness during meditation

People often find it difficult to sit still during meditation. Thinking about what is still on your day’s schedule, things you could instead be doing, perhaps an urge to stand up and stretch. All signs of restlessness and perfectly normal as that can be a reflection of your body’s response as it winds down. It is hard to slow down when you have spent the day moving. You stop to meditate, but your body feels like it is still moving. It takes time for your mental, emotional and physical states of mind to shift from “on the go” to “neutral”.

It is okay to be aware of the restless sensations during meditation. You may find they diminish as your rythmic breathing becomes steady or in severe cases focus on the restless sensations. Ask what type of sensation does it feel like? Where exactly is the sensation? Give the restlessness some focused thought and gradually the sensation should diminish.

If you regularly experience restlessness during meditation consider a mind tool. The absolute best mind tool for meditation is the David Delight Pro. Many of our clients are yoga instructors who have incorporated brainwave disentrainment into their personal and professional practices. They use the pRoshi as both a pre-meditative warm up or as an adjunct to their normal meditation routine. For their students, many of whom have little or no serious meditative experience, the pRoshi offers complete submersion into deep states of theta and a sensation of timeless floating as your brain quiets down and begins to “listen”.

It is hard to make time on a regular basis to practice meditation. And it takes years of practice to achieve ultra-deep states of mind that are synonimous with meditation. This conundrum is solved through use of the Mind Alive David Delight Pro. Beginners can attain the same deep states associated with long-time yoga practitioners within minutes and can revisit these experiences anytime, in the comfort of your own home, without any conscious effort at all.


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