Radionic Treatment

When the Radionic diagnosis is finished and the practitioner has complete health profile of the patient including the functional integrity of all organ systems, psychological states and imbalances that are present in the energy structures which form the energy fields which underlie the body, treatment can then be properly determined All pathological states and their causes have their own frequency of energy paterns; these can be treated at a distance throught the Radionic instrument by employing ‘rates’ or geometric patterns. The bloodspot or snippet of hair from the patient (known as the patients witness) acts as a link between the practitioner, his Radionic instrument and the patient. Essentially treatment is the projection of healing energy patterns; to these may added the wave form of homeopathic remedies, colors, flower essences and herbal extracts if they are indicated as part of treatment.

It may be difficult to accept that such treatment can be effective at a distance. However, the weight of clinical evidence shows that it is very effective in a significant number of cases. ‘Action at a distance’ as this phenomenon is called is not new to science. Today a great deal of research is being carried out by scientific institutions in the field and they are finding out that humans, plants and animals respond to projected thought patterns and this phenomenon occurs no matter how great the distance between the subjects under investigation. Their findings now bear out the rationale of Radionics. One of the great advantages of Radionics is that it is often possible to discover potentially serious conditions at an early stage and, by appropriate treatment, prevent them for developing to a point where they become clinically identifiable.

Moreover, as Radionic treatment takes place at a non-physical level, it cannot harm any living tissue or produce any unnatural side effects. Radionics is concerned with healing of the whole man, with the health pattern or entelechy of the individual. The health pattern is a singular, unitary force within the structures of man that ensures adequate and optimum functioning of the systems of his body. The purpose of Radionic therapy is to help the individual to re-establish his optimum pattern of health.

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