Psiometrics versus Biometrics


By Mind Machines Guest Author, Don Estes

“In 1952, [editor of Analog Science Fiction and Fact] John W. Campbell proposed the term “psionics”, from psi (‘psyche’) and the ending -onics from electronics (machine), which implied that the paranormal powers of the mind could be made to work reliably.”

Whereas biofeedback measures and feeds back only the physiological aspects of being, Psiofeedback includes the mental/emotional and spiritual facets as well.  Psiometrics has a depth of discernment not available within biometrics because its “artificial awareness” algorithms can examine and manipulate the most fundamental building blocks of a person’s reality that govern their manner of being and doing.  Whereas one might conceive of biometrics as an “emotional engine”, Psiometrics can be seen more as an “awareness engine” that extends into those extra domains of mind and spirit.

Psiofeedbackprovides a continuous stream of transliminal stimulus to effect transformation replete with its several side effects of opening perception, expanding awareness and increasing creativity.  Our use of the prefix Psio comes from ancient Greek words psi and omega. And implies a science of measuring, analyzing and processing resources required to effect change in accordance with one’s will.

The Portacle is the first of a new generation of true Psiofeedback programs designed and tested by world-class supercomputers and over 60 years of combined research and development.  We say true, because until now biofeedback has been limited to feeding back unrelated signals when specified goals are accomplished, such as a beep or flash of light.  Psiometric™  sensory inputs, process and output the users own unique, personal waveforms.  In addition, whereas standard biofeedback methods can find only the average mean frequency, this system is based on new methodology that allows it to see the true fundamental and harmony present within the signal.  All dissonance and noise is removed, so that only the true harmonic signature is captured, processed and fed back to the user.

Psiometrics is a quantum technology that is based upon the new science of automata, which are the smallest, most indivisible building blocks of reality.  At this most primal level of reality there are only two aspects of a reality, the part that represents the machine and the part that represents the operator.  We live inside of an instrument, but we are the player of the instrument.  Psychologists call these two polar opposites personal versus impersonal, and scientists call them real and imaginary.  The simplest way to define this is as a difference between actual and potential.  Every object and person in the universe is partially actualized but partially still shrouded in the mystery of potential.  Real represents what-is whereas imaginary is what remains hidden in potential.

Psiometrics goes way below the level of frequency to measure and effect change.  There are other aspects of signal analysis that are more important than frequency, which is only a carrier wave.  Intention is imbedded in the timing of the peaks and valleys,  phase, whereas emotion is riding on the magnitude envelope.  Psiometricsincludes all three of these components (frequency, phase & magnitude) in its wave analysis and feedback.

The Portacleis a Psiometricstechnology, which we believe represents the future of human biometric science.  Whereas biometric methodologies measure only the physiological aspects of being, the Portacle includes mental, emotional and spiritual characteristics as well.  It was designed on the principle of non-invasive, self-controlled integration of mind, body and spirit. It’s not an old-paradigm technology whose only use is to increase one’s advantage over another, but rather one that teaches self-responsibility and respect in all things.

The Psiometricsteam, along with our concordance of users, webinars, online assistance and world-class supercomputer can provide the dedicated support required for you to make quantum leaps to the next highest level of order.  However, the third ingredient is purely up to you…your own active pursuit.  If there is nothing you wish to change in your life; career, relationship, finances, direction, creativity, etc., then this may not be for you.  However, if you are seeking change/direction in your life, or trying to turn past success into present and future significance…the psiometric Portacle might be just what you’ve been looking for.