“Just checking in to let you in on my latest report. Hooked myself up to Cygnet for a NFB session on Friday for the first time since i got the 3D glasses. Watched my brain just on monitoring w/o feedback for a few minutes. Been doing that with a lot of my clients when I put the 3D glasses on. Chuck, for many of them, based on what I see on the spectral display, it looks like the glasses are doing NFB work…w/o using the system feedback! But you knew that, eh?


So my brain has never looked better. Theta clearing, alpha is up. Still need more SMR beta…hoping that will come in time:)
I am feeling better. Still some trouble with focus, but feeling better, must be the alpha:) It was confirmed this week I am in the throes of adrenal fatigue from stress and PTSD so best I just stay here for a while I guess.

Thanks for making my brain happy again Chuck, you are my hero! Feel free to copy/paste this as a testimonial!”

Becky Bassham