Proteus Light and Sound Mind Machine



Proteus Light and Sound Machine

The Proteus brainwave synchronizer is the most popular mid – range light and sound mind machine (also known as brain machine, dream machine and psychowalkman) in it’s class. Period. Just look at all the features it has, and everything it comes with. even includes the ac adapter at no extra charge. Then compare these features with the high – end light and sound machines. Quite similar … but at a far more reasonable price. No wonder I have never received a Proteus return. The Proteus by Mind Place is a light and sound mind machine that generates pulsed sound and light frequency stimulation for inducing altered states of consciousness, generally referred to as the delta, theta, alpha and beta brainwave states. It has everything you will ever need in a mind machine, and more! If you cannot come to a decision as to which light and sound unit is best for your specific needs, then choose the Proteus – you will be glad you did!

Some of the many uses for the Proteus mind machine include: brainwave synchronization, experiencing ganzfeld affects, meditation, human enhancement and biofeedback.

The PROTEUS™ is a revolutionary new light and sound product that combines our innovative BiColor™ stimulation technology—another MindPlace first. Developed with the serious experimenter in mind, Proteus includes a host of powerful programming capabilities.

Features include:

  • Realtime BiColor™ output. Proteus includes two independent color channels, each of which has its own brightness and pulse rate. This means that Proteus sessions can shift smoothly between up to 4,096 colors in real time, creating extraordinary visuals and mapping colors more precisely to states of consciousness. For example, lower frequencies can be set to soothing green, while higher, energizing frequencies are the appropriate red; the “peak performance” color amber lies in between.
  • Totally programmable. We’ve developed a simple yet powerful Windows 98+ hosted programming tool, available free of charge. You can download it for review by clicking here, or view the documentation here.
  • Totally upgradeable. Proteus uses advanced Flash memory for both session and operating system data. This means that you can not only download new session groups into the system, but also that the entire operating system can be upgraded. Recent upgrades have added include such advanced features as wavetable crossfading; dual binaural beats; BioConnect™ real-time biofeedback control, and more.
  • Wavetable audio. PROTEUS includes stereo audio digital to analog converters, enabling production of binaural beats and other waveforms. You can store up to four different waveforms in Proteus, and we include an audio waveform creation tool with the bundled software.
  • Enhanced AudioStrobe™ . We’ve fine-tuned our AudioStrobe decoder circuitry, providing a much crisper, more intense experience.
  • 199 program capacity. Proteus ships with expanded versions of the best programs taken from our earlier products (especially Orion and MindLab). A total of fifty programs are preloaded into Proteus when you receive it. Plus, there is plenty of space remaining for you download your own creations—about 2,000 segments altogether in two separate banks.
  • Free Proteus Editor software. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t charge for our software—you can just download the latest version of Proteus Editor from the Proteus support site. Choose from a host of programmable features, including:
    • Single or dual binaural beats
    • Create and download your own audio wavetables
    • Synchronize the two color channels or run them at completely different frequencies
    • Control the lights and sound in real time using our ThoughtStream biofeedback system
    • Create “random” programs within constraints you choose (for example, frequencies constrained to 9-12 hz and segment lengths of 1 to 3 seconds).
    • Frequencies range from 0.2 to 50.0 hz—best in the industry
    • Plus much more.

If you’re looking for an advanced light and sound system but don’t want to pay $349 for a heavy metal case, chances are the Proteus will do most everything you want it to.

Your PROTEUS package includes:

  • Attractive, compact Proteus Control Console
  • Superbright Ruby/Emerald Liteframes
  • Stereo headphones and audio patchcord
  • Concise Manual
  • Audiostrobe sampler CD
  • Proteus Editor software and user manual (via download)
  • 110 volt (USA) AC power adapter

Download Proteus rev. 2 Manual

Proteus Sessions

Ses. # Category Length, min. Name
0 Random session varies Pull-out-the-stops
1 Peak performance 20 Power Regenerator
2 Peak performance 18 Performance Intensive
3 Peak performance 15 Quick Break
4 Peak performance 15 Power Pause
5 Peak performance 17 Athletic Warm Up
6 Peak performance 30 Peak Composure
7 Relaxation 15 Quick work break
8 Relaxation 25 Mind Sauna
9 Relaxation 16 Quick Refresher
10 Relaxation 35 Regeneration
11 Relaxation 60 Deep Meditation
12 Relaxation 15 MindLab Relax 15
13 Relaxation 25 Mindlab Relax 25
14 Relaxation 35 MindLab Relax 35
15 Relaxation 45 MindLab Relax 45
16 Relaxation 60 MindLab Relax 60
17 Learning 10 Quick Alertness
18 Learning 35 Learning With Tapes
19 Learning 15 Relax before Exams
20 Learning 15 Concentration
21 Learning 20 Creativity Enhancement
22 Learning 20 Visualization
23 Learning 15 MindLab Learn 15
24 Learning 25 MindLab Learn 25
25 Learning 35 MindLab Learn 35
26 Learning 45 MindLab Learn 45
27 Learning 60 MindLab Learn 60
28 Well-being 25 Mind/Body Awareness
29 Well-being 22 Afternoon Break
30 Well-being 25 Deep Relaxation
31 Well-being 18 Goodnight
32 Well-being 25 Release the day
33 Visualization 15 MindLab Visualize 15
34 Visualization 25 MindLab Visualize 25
35 Visualization 35 MindLab Visualize 35
36 Visualization 45 MindLab Visualize 45
37 Visualization 60 MindLab Visualize 60
38 Energizing 15 MindLab Energize 15
39 Energizing 25 MindLab Energize 25
40 Energizing 35 MindLab Energize 35
41 Energizing 45 MindLab Energize 45
42 Energizing 60 MindLab Energize 60
43 Sleep 15 MindLab Sleep 15
44 Sleep 25 MindLab Sleep 25
45 Sleep 35 MindLab Sleep 35
46 Sleep 45 MindLab Sleep 45
47 Sleep 60 MindLab Sleep 60
48 Pyrotechnics 16 Pure entertainment 1
49 Pyrotechnics 10 Pure entertainment 2

Get your Proteus light and sound mind machine with audiostrobe capability today!