The Last pRoshi in the World

As you know by now, the pROSHI was discontinued years ago and the great Chuck Davis has passed on some time ago.  The pROSHI was a truly great and beneficial device and has been missed for several years now.  The pROSHI has long since been unattainable at any price… Unavailable anywhere at any price.

We all miss the pROSHI.

Check this page for updates on pROSHI neurodynamic activator.

There are no pROSHI units for sale at this time.

This is a once-in-alifetime chance to own your very own pROSHI.  A clinic has closed and they are selling one of their pROSHI units!  If you have been wishing for the opportunity to own a pROSHI it is here… until it disappears.

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In addition there are 2 pair of the ultra-rare pROSHI 3D glasses available.  One is RED/BLUE and the other is BLUE/GREEN.  Only a couple hundred of these were ever made just before the untimely end of pROSHI production.  Note: The pROSHI was at its peak in popularity and sales when the manufacturing shut down due to other unfortunate reasons.  We have received many many emails over the years from customers hoping to get ahold of one..  Use the form below to get the LAST pROSHI in the WORLD!