DAVID Delight Plus Meditation Machine

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The DAVID Delight Plus offers 25 of our favorite sessions plus 5 Sound Sync sessions!  Our sessions have been thoroughly tested and are designed based on most current research findings to ensure you the most effective results.  The sessions on the Delight are supported by research studies which include Seasonal Affective Disorder, stress reduction, insomnia, improved mood, mental sharpness and balance (reduced risk of falling) in seniors, and reduced worry plus improvements in concentration and memory in college students. The Delight Plus sessions also include our proprietary randomization process, which helps encourage dissociation and brain frequency tracking to the stimulus.



  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS SET OF OUR MOST POPULAR AUDIO MP3 DOWNLOADS VALUED OVER $100.00… scroll down for more information!     


The Delight Plus features larger easy-to-read, easy-to-operate buttons and allows users to select a session very easily.

It features five distinct categories of sessions:  Energize, Meditate, Brain Brightener, Sleep and Mood Booster, with five selections for each category.  It also includes five auto playing Sound Sync Sessions and five locations for you to store sessions you design with the DAVID session editor.

The Delight Plus also features night-vue ability, which allows the user to see the session select buttons in the dark at bedtime or at night.

All DAVID light and sound mind machines are approved with CSA, UL and CE electrical certifications for use worldwide! 

Your Audio MP3 Bonus Set includes:    

Light and Sound Voyager is 74 minutes of completely synergistic music and effects for any light and sound mind machine session. With six different tracks, it is the perfect companion. For example, listen to tracks 1, 2 and 3 with any energize / beta light and sound session and you will feel pumped. Tracks 4 and 5 will enhance any relaxation / alpha session and track 6, Slow Motion Nebula, is a visualization just waiting to happen. Try track 6 with any theta session and you will understand.



 The 515 virtual Mindmachine contains five dual independent binaural beat audio frequency session tracks designed for listening through headphones or speakers. The 515 virtual Mindmachine Energize (Beta) MP3 Session is 10:09 minutes in length. The session is in dual independent binaural beat frequencies in the Beta and Beta/SMR brainwave range for increased mental and physical performance. The 515 virtual Mindmachine Alpha MP3 Session is 20:16 minutes in length and features dual independent binaural beat brainwave frequencies. Session frequencies range from 8-12Hz and is ideal for relaxed yet focused concentration. The 515 virtual Mindmachine Theta MP3 Session delivers brainwave frequencies in the 4-7Hz range via dual independent binaural beats. Session length is 10:10 minutes and useful for learning, memory and dealing with jet lag. Our 515 virtual Mindmachine Alpha / Theta MP3 Session is a 7:10 minutes long brainwave frequency audio program utilizing dual independent binaural beats in the 4-12Hz state of consciousness. The combination of accessing both states of consciousness is for inner-thought enhancement and creativity. And our 515 virtual Mindmachine Delta MP3 Session is a 26:10 minutes long brainwave frequency session designed for going to sleep. Use with speakers with the volume set no higher than the hum of a fluorescent light. The dual independent binaural beats utilized in designing this session range from .5-3Hz.



To ensure safe, gentle and effective audio-visual entrainment, the DAVID Delight Plus offers the following:

  • Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets – Our unique Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets were carefully designed to provide you with the most effective and safe light and sound experience. This special patented process allows the Delight to stimulate a different frequency in each hemisphere of the brain. This is essential for mood boosting and mental performance. The Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets for the Delight use eight blue-tinted white LEDs mounted over a silver reflector behind a translucent screen. This disperses the light evenly.  Our Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets are specially designed to allow for the left and right visual fields of each eye to be individually stimulated rather than the entire eye. With the Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets, the lights flash into the left visual fields of both eyes, then alternately flashes into the right visual fields of both eyes. This approach allows the ability to stimulate either visual cortex with a frequency different from the other visual cortex. For example, a person who functions strongly from the left brain could have 8 Hz stimulated into the right visual field (and therefore the left brain) to slow down left brain function and have 18 Hz stimulated into the left visual field to increase right brain function.
  • Isochronic Pulsed Tones, Binaural Beats and Monaural Beats – The isochronic pulsed tones are evenly spaced, are of equal pitch and are turned on and off at a specified rate. This is important to enhance the effectiveness of audio entrainment. The monaural beats are similar to the isochronic pulsed tones, but turn on and off more gently and therefore are smoother, fuller beats and are recommended for those who find the pulse tones too stimulating. The binaural beats are two pure tones (one in each ear)and are perceived to have a beat.
  • Soft-OffTM – The gradual lowering of the lights and tones at the end of the session prevents a startle response (also known as somnatic shock). Soft-OffTM ensures that relaxation and other benefits carry over even after a session has ended.
  • Battery Power Indicator – At a quick glance you can tell if your battery has enough power to run your session.  New eyeset technology allows for much longer life for your 9-volt battery.
  • Easy-To-Find Power, Intensity and Volume Buttons – The power, intensity and volume buttons are raised so that you can make the necessary adjustments easily and quickly, even with your eyes closed. Adjust the intensity of the OmniscreenTM  Eyeset with the easy-to-find INT button.
  • 25 Preset Sessions – Five sessions in each category: Energize, Meditate, Brain Booster, Sleep and Mood Booster.
  • Sound Sync Sessions – Each category also has a Sound Sync Session to turn your music into an intriguing light show. All sessions include HRV and begin with a 3-stage process that enhances dissociation.
  • The Delight Plus light and sound mind machine is much like the Delight, but with more sessions – 5 in each of the categories.  The extra sessions in the Delight Plus are particularly effective for people with more complex issues such as fibromyalgia and sleep disorders.


Also included in your Audio MP3 Bonus Set:

 The Universal Frequency (432Hz) MP3 was designed by Christopher Oliver with the concept by Michael Landgraf. This multi-layered binaural beat MP3 session is based on the scientific evidence unearthed by researchers as they studied the Great Pyramid of Giza and the five other surrounding pyramids. By utilizing the frequency of the universe Mindmachines.com has developed a unique deeply relaxing experience. Session length: 17:44 minutes / Purpose: Deep Alpha & Theta Meditation


Relajacion is our audio MP3 for overworked and overstressed people whose primary language is Spanish. Words spoken by Miguel Villalobos to lead you into a totally relaxed state of consciousness with music to help you maintain these relaxed sensations, this MP3 has 2 tracks: Relajacion: 22 minutos and Tecnica De Relajacion Total: 30 Minutos.



Classic Pranayama Yoga is a 12 minute MP3 audio session that assists you in the Art of Yoga Breathing. In a Yogic point of view, proper breathing is to bring more oxygen to the blood and the brain, and to control Prana, or the vital life energy. Pranayama Yoga also goes hand in hand with the Asanas. The union of these two Yogic Principles is considered the highest form of purification and self-discipline, covering both your mind and your body. This session combines verbal guidance with sounds of nature, music, bells and classic Pranayama breathing to maximize your session experience.


Ancient Sea: A Journey Through Mono Lake: This downloadable MP3 session is a 30:21 minute excursion to one of the oldest saline lakes in the United States. Breeding ground for several species of birds and home to dozens more, Mono Lake is located in the beautiful Eastern Sierras of California. This soundtrack includes alpha and theta brainwave frequencies blended with music and environmental sounds captured along the shores and tufa spires of Mono Lake. Perfect for relaxation, inspiring creativity and improving focus.



Ideal Self-Image is for trimming down weight. This 20 minute session utilizes natural sounds, soothing music, multiple bells and verbal suggestions, all combined with narrow band isochronic tones to help motivate you towards achieving your ideal weight.




Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD): This 20 minute downloadable session blends specific isochronic beats with soothing sounds of nature, occasional chirping of birds, relaxing Tibetan bells and beautiful music to gently guide listeners into a state of calm, focused awareness.




And there is still more audio MP3’s for your library listed below…



  • Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets and Carry Case
  • Quality Stereo Headphones
  • Stereo Patch Cord
  • DAVID Carry Bag
  • 9-Volt Alkaline Battery
  • AC Adapter
  • Comprehensive Operator’s Manual


Your Audio MP3 Bonus Set includes more!

LoopLogic Hz Dual Independent Binaural Beat MP3 Session Generator is an instant download MP3 file set broken into Gamma, High Beta, Beta, SMR, Alpha, Theta and Delta audio brainwave frequency categories. Each of the 37 tracks represent one hertz within each category and is created with dual independent binaural beat frequencies. Simply add these frequency tracks to your MP3 Player or playlist and program your playlist to create custom audio brainwave entrainment sessions.

Christopher Oliver and Michael Landgraf developed these 515 LoopLogic MP3 tracks for targeting specific frequencies within all brainwave states, enabling you to create personally designed sessions for use with eeg/neurofeedback training, incorporating into music, entraining audiences during presentations, physical workouts, meditation or for just making a good thing better. Applying these sessions have endless beneficial possibilities so use your imagination! Imagine combining these one hertz tracks as a sleep aid or for relaxation or adding to your learning, memory or creative skills!


The Art of Losing Weight is a 25 minute session combining the sounds of nature, music, unique tones and verbal suggestions to assist you in your quest for a slimmer you.




Weight Loss Series: There is no specific timetable for how long you should listen to each step. Some people may find listening to each session for only a few days or a week to suffice, others will want more time. That is only normal, after all, we all think differently, all react differently, so listen to your inner-voice and decide for yourself just how long listening to each particular session best meets your specific needs…

Lose weight step 1 is a 15 minute session to assist you in beginning your weight loss program. Combining suggestions, nature, music and tones, this session is designed to get you off on the right path. Lose weight step 2 is a 25 minute session, using the same approach as step 1, that will further strengthen your resolve to be a trimmer you. Lose weight step 3 will help you fight the urge to diverge from your goal. This 8 minute session is a powerful weight loss booster. Lose weight step 4 is the final stage in your quest for losing weight. 8 minutes in length, this session will help you maintain the motivation to meet your goal.


Deep Meditation is for centering, creative thought and relaxation. This 20 minute audio MP3 session takes you deep into the theta brainwave state, just above sleep. Many refer to this as the hypnogogic state, where ideas and revelations can occur. Combining the natural sounds of lakes, music for centering awareness and specially designed tones, you can experience a profound sense of relaxed tranquility.



Improving Motor Skills is a 30 minute MP3 audio frequency session designed for musicians to enhance their ability to play instruments, athletes for increasing their performance level and everyday people trying to make a good thing better.




For the first time ever, a system exists where meditative breathing may be paced along with an audio-visual entrainment (AVE) session. Long, graceful breathing cycles have been used as part of meditation. Scientifically, this technique has been analyzed and shown to settle down a stressed autonomic nervous system. Both sympathetic (flight-or-fight) activity and para-sympathetic (the brain’s efforts to compensate) activity settle down dramatically using HRV techniques.

The heart speeds up with every breath in and slows down with every breath out. This swing in heart rate is HRV. A typical heart beat swing is in the order of about 15 beats per minute (bpm). When people get stressed, the heart typically clamps to sometimes as low as five bpm HRV at times intermixed with sharp spikes in heart rate. This is all abnormal activity and is rough on the heart.

The HRV technique used clinically is based on a 10 second breathing cycle (six breaths/minute, by inhaling slowly for five seconds and exhaling slowly for five seconds in an easy, relaxed breath). When using HRV paced breathing, listen to the heartbeat generated by the DAVID Delight Plus through the headphones. Inhale for two heartbeats and exhale for two heartbeats (not your own heartbeats!). Most sessions begin at seven breathing cycles/minute (28 heartbeats/min) and slow to six breaths /minute (24 heartbeats/min). This allows the user to breathe a little faster at the onset of a session until he/she has had time to relax.


And when you receive your order confirmation email with complete tracking information the following Mindmachines.com exclusive ebook will be included:

“Mind States: An Introduction to Light and Sound Technology” by Michael Landgraf in PDF format. Mind States will share with you everything you need to know to get started with your light and sound instrument and where to go to learn more! Over 100 pages of easy to understand information including a 30 Day Journal for you as you begin your light and sound experience.