Pre-Op Anxiety



Outpatient procedures happen. So do in-patient, only that’s worse because we feel like crap and can’t really do anything about it.


Just thinking about what is approaching, making lists of all the stuff at work and around the house that we have to do beforehand, can arouse our anxiety level. That’s not even counting appointments for blood work, x-rays, EKG, pulmonary exams, ct-scan or pre-op physical from our primary care physician. And what about your Living Trust’s advanced healthcare directive? Anxiety loves to get in our heads during times like this!


And we need to approach the whole thing with a positive mental attitude.


I have found four specific light and sound brainwave frequency sessions on my DAVID Delight Pro with CES by Mindalive that are definitely helping me. I want to stay feeling balanced, focused, and aware that my spouse is also feeling anxious. The Delight Pro has twenty-five different sessions, and these four sessions: SMR (for relaxed attention), Alpha & Theta for sleep (to help break up distressing thoughts that interfere with me going to sleep), and two Mood Boosters – one for alpha brainwave symmetry and the other for alpha front end stimulation to reduce anxiety have proven most effective for me. I use the color white for my visual stimulation as that activates my cortex into generating quite a colorful display for my mind to follow. Add the headphones, choosing the music from my iTunes library and getting comfortable and I am ready to spend 30 mind entraining minutes shedding any anxious thoughts trying to barge their way into my consciousness.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES


I’ve used my Delight Pro for past medical procedures and am using it now. I got mine from and paid less than $500 dollars for it. It keeps me relaxed, which helps everyone around me stay relaxed. Like I wrote in the beginning – medical procedures happen. Focus on yourself, focus on your family (especially the one who will be taking care of you during recuperation!) and forget about anxiety. High anxiety levels just screw things up.


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