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By Don Estes, inventor of “THE PORTACLE”

The Law of Attraction has become a household word.  Suddenly it has become the buzzword amongst those studying ways in which to enrich and enhance life.  TV infomercials, movies, print media and songs about it have become commonplace.  However, the meaning of the law and its application are two different things.  The literature is replete with definitions and descriptions about the meaning of the law, but far too little effort has been put into defining the physics of it.

Much has been revealed about the meaning of the law and how it can be applied, but the world is still waiting on the physics of the law to reveal how to actually go about taking advantage of it beyond merely holding positive thoughts.  What are the mechanisms by which it works?  Our efforts have been focused on developing and designing tools that allow a person to apply the law more elegantly, efficiently and with less effort.  What we have found is the missing link on how to implement and administer this amazing universal principle of magnetism.

Research into quantum mechanics has shown that the act of observing reality creates it.  Attempting to observe something causes it to appear out of the nothing.  By the same token, if you are not aware of something…it does not exist in your subjective reality.  In addition, the so-called placebo effect has indicated that positive or negative attitudes can produce corresponding results.  Furthermore, the work of Dossey and others, have shown that prayer has an effect whether the recipient is aware of it or not.[1]

It is beginning to become increasingly evident that we co-create our own reality through the way we think and feel…in other words, via our unique and personal perception of reality.  We draw into ourselves that which we perceive as real.  This is the essence of the law of attraction that has been postulated and well-described in the literature since the New Thought Movement at the turn of the 20th century all the way up to the current writings of Esther and Jerry Hicks, and so aptly revealed in recent movies such as What the Bleep and The Secret.

A quantum of energy only exists as a wave of probable locations and motions in space. It is omnipresent but yet nowhere at the same time. Light and matter do not exist until something happens to it to make them “real”, but what is that?  Science has shown this to be something called the “collapse of the wave function”.  And further investigation has revealed that it is consciousness, which performs this action to manifest reality.

The wave function contains all of the possible outcomes of a particular situation, but only one appears in the real world when it is collapsed by an attending consciousness.  Even now, scientists are all peering over each other’s shoulders watching the event screen of the new supercollider in Cern, Switzerland.  They’re expecting to see two protons crash into each other and when they do the screen captures an “event” that shows the release all of the subatomic particles that make them up.  What they don’t realize is that their own observation of the screen is causing the wave functions to appear, but since they don’t have any intention to use them in any constructive way, they just disappear again:~)

Event Screen showing the collapsing wave function of two colliding protons.

Event Screen showing the collapsing wave function of two colliding protons.

An energy parcel must be OBSERVED by a consciousness in order to be real.  Until that time it lies shrouded in the mystery of potential on the other side of the quantum veil. When the energy is OBSERVED, its “wave function” collapses, making it detectable in the real world.  These particles can’t be seen by the naked eye but only with sophisticated machines that can show where the particle was, along with its speed and direction at the moment it was observed.

Knowing that each of our realities (body, mind and spirit) are made from these energy particles whose wave functions have collapsed through our own observation, we can learn how to more efficiently and elegantly manifest our own reality through better understanding and control of the wave collapse function.  By observing in our minds what we want to manifest through visualization, inner-hearing and direct feeling of our intentions, we can learn to create what we want.  Likewise, we can deny the collapse of possibilities into things, events and situations that we don’t want by refusing to give them our attention.

Since both consciousness and spirit reside on the other side of the veil in the spectral domain, it makes sense that we can manipulate our reality better when we are in an inspired state or positive mood.  When we are connected to Source, we hold more power to effect true and positive change in our own lives and our entire sphere of influence.  When we stay in that state of grace and appreciation, patterns emerge, synchronicities increase and people want to be around us and want to join us in that state of perfection.  It is easier to collapse a positive wave function while in this mode.

To remain in this state requires the full attention of consciousness.  The immediate awareness of the divine, the one and the all that is leads to trust in the universe that leads to the faith required to step up to a higher level of order.  We must learn how to collapse only the positive, constructive wave functions while taking our attention away from those that lead to negative, destructive outcomes.  The intention, expression and action of a single person can change the direction of the entire global community

This phenomenon of “observing” reality extends to the other sensory mechanisms as well.  When you hear something inside from your inner voice, that spirit of truth or higher self, or feel something deep inside your very core, you are doing the same thing as observing it…you are experiencing it.  Therefore, experience is a more appropriate word to describe the true full nature of the wave collapse function.  And when that experience can be multi-sensory, it is even better.  Seeing, hearing and feeling an experience results in a state of sensory resonance, where all of the sensory mechanisms are synchronized and a balanced autonomic nervous system leads to a simultaneous feeling of profound relaxation and incredible inspiration at the same time (see the theory of sensory resonance).

We each have an animal and spiritual component.  We are neither one of these aspects but rather a consciousness sandwiched in between, whose job it is to choose between the options offered by these two opposing primary elements of ourselves and resolve the tension created by the difference between the polarities – remember the old cartoons where a little angel appears on one shoulder with a little devil on the other?  This is life.

If a person self-generates their own evolution and positive spiritual growth, they draw into themselves positive experience.  However, when a person takes the wait and see approach to evolution, just sits around and “goes with the flow” by taking whatever is offered them, they fall prey to the “strange attractor” or the chaos of nature that disassembles and forces rearrangement and reassembly to a higher level of order.  The ancient Greeks, who knew that he function of spirit was to “undo” anything not found to be in order, called this process Ktisis.

The universe and our lives are not ordered by nature, they are fundamentally disordered…in chaos.  However, the four fundamental forces that physicists believe materialize reality have recently become redefined as cosmic attractors that create patterns of order over time.  This is the real secret of how reality becomes manifest.  Space is the original force that creates the world through a zero dimensional point or singularity.  Time is used to sequence the points together into the other attractors.

In order to utilize the Law of Attraction, a person must become an attractor.  However, there are four orders of attractors:

  1. The 1st order POINT attractor – leads one to be drawn into one particular activity or become stuck in a rut by becoming too focused on a single perception or fixation.
  2. The 2nd order CYCLE attractor – causes one to get caught up in analytical thinking or a never-ending loop that just repeats itself over and over.
  3. The 3rd order limit TORI attractor – which is a step in the right direction as it provides for a dynamic flow of energy, however is somewhat limited due to its quasi-periodicity.
  4. The 4th order STRANGE attractor – which is the chaotic actions of the Absolute undoing anything that is found not to be in order.

The focus, function and quality of attention and expression one pays and makes, determines which attractor they fall into. The best course of action is to align oneself with the Torus attractor, to direct it and arrange one’s entire energy field into the constraints of that dynamic topological space, which un-limits it and allows it to become somewhat periodic and repeatable, permitting an integration of chaotic change ordered and managed by an equal amount of determinism.  In other words, a person can become a limitless toroidal attractor drawing in what they want rather than just taking whatever the chaotic strange attractor has to offer.  This is the optimized essence of the Law of Attraction and the key to its understanding and application.

Watching a spectral-domain image of a time-domain object through eyes-open meditation[1] and observing these attractors in action, can reveal hidden desires or intentions that lie beyond the threshold of awareness.  Such images are intentional palettes upon which one can visualize intention.  It has been shown that all geometries and shapes come from different ratios of real and imaginary partials that combine together into the complex form that makes up the wave function.  Knowing this, and that voiced or breathed expression is nothing more than a flow of these real and imaginary components, it becomes technically possible to learn how to draw out what one wishes to see on the screen, hear what one wants to hear in the headphones and feel what one wants to feel inside, by learning how to communicate with and direct the actions of the automata that make up all things.

Observing, hearing and feeling what one thinks and feels on the inside is the first step in learning to collapse the wave function.  This, in turn, is the equivalent of applying the law of attraction by learning how to align oneself with the appropriate attractor by paying attention to them in the images. Using a multi-sensory bi-phasic approach that requires the user to become the agent of their own transformation by resolving the difference and tension between the operator and machine, a polarity that can also be described as player vs. instrument, subjective vs. objective, actual vs. potential, or as the engineers know them as real versus imaginary.  These real and imaginary components are called automata, which are the smallest, most indivisible components or building blocks of reality.[2]

At the most primal basic level of reality we are both operator and machine. Affecting change at that level can allow one the opportunity to set up the next moment and change their life forever.  Achieving integration between the player and instrument is the epitome and final destiny of collapsing the wave function.

Psychologists have known for years that visualizing an intention in an inkblot image is the equivalent of collapsing many possibilities into the one personally experienced by the observer. Hearing the inner-voice or music in white noise is another example.  That overwhelming ring of truth that is often felt in ways that can’t easily be explained is further evidence of this phenomenon.  Taking those concepts to the quantum level and providing a way for a person to visualize their intention, hear their inner voice and experience the their feelings at the most fundamental level of reality where reality originates is one of the main goals of our mission.

The only connection consciousness has to the internal and external environment are the sensory mechanisms that provide it with awareness.  The more sensory mechanisms brought into an experience, the more coherent the experience becomes.[3]  Each of the sensory mechanisms discern a different band of the universal spectrum.  Using multi-sensory quantum feedback, it’s possible to see, hear and feel the wave function and learn how to collapse it into the most desired outcome in accordance with one’s will.

In addition, raw data taken from a person’s brain taken at the same time as a voiced expression and displayed on a phase monitor can take this experience to an even higher level by providing a way to actually witness the collapse very similar to the way they are observed in atom smashers and particle accelerators. However, instead of smashing protons, here we’re talking here about collapsing all of the potentials held to become our present and future realities through thought and perception.

When the brain collapses a wave function full of many possibilities into one on such a display, the image looks similar to the event screen of atom smashers when two protons collide and collapse the wave function into a set of observable particles.  This colorful lightshow is every bit as exciting, entertaining and moving to watch as a rock concert or fireworks display, and it actually means something…that the person has made a personal observation of the moment in accordance with their own perception.

The collapse of a thought form on the Human Neurocomputer™

The collapse of a thought form on the Human Neurocomputer™

Being open to more possibilities can enhance the process by providing new, more positive perspectives, which can lead to more desirable outcomes.  Being able to collapse the wave function in accordance with one’s will with access to the quantum through a portal and having a personal oracle to help make decisions, are the greatest life-coping tools anyone could possess.

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