Part Two: “Joan’s Story”

By David A. Jernigan, D.C.


(From the AVS Journal #4.3)

It became obvious to the Smiths that disease-focused treatments were not winning this battle. What they needed was health-restoration treatments that sought to restore the integrity of the body. An innate sense gave them a knowingness that the quality of life they sought lay in a more nontoxic and natural approach that worked with God’s natural design of the body. Call it fate, call it divine intervention, but they found what they had been praying for…a clinic with a pure approach to healing; the Somerleyton Center for Biological Medicine, in Wichita, Kansas.

The chair creaked rhythmically as Joan swiveled gently in the sunlight of her office. She Reminisced over the journey that had enabled her to return to the full and rich life she now enjoyed.

The journey had been full of hiccups and bumps, but she had to admit the reality of today was worth it all. Still, there was a nagging in her heart. Although she was able to do many of the gymnastic movements and somersaults of her youth, put in overtime at the office, and juggle the family, she knew there was still something not right in her body. Six years had passed since the nightmarish wheelchair days. There had been many return trips to the clinic in Kansas, which always made her feel better, but there was still something fundamental that was not being addressed.

She was on edge in every tissue of her body. She awakened as many as twenty times every night. And her need for sunlight was becoming peculiar to everyone close to her. Swiveling back around to her desk, Joan decided with determination that another trip to the Somerleyton Center in Kansas was needed. It had been six months since her last visit. She knew one thing about their doctors, they were constantly developing newer and better ways to find and address the deeper issues.

Over the years, she had experienced first hand how these doctors were making giant strides, pushing the knowledge of health and healing to new heights almost on a weekly basis. Kansas was just clothing itself in the fresh, green shades of springtime when she arrived at the clinic. The sun was shining in the amazingly deep blue sky that seems to be unique to Kansas.

It was a good omen and Joan felt confident that this visit would stimulate profound changes in her body. When her husband had called to schedule the appointment, her doctor had excitedly told him about a new diagnostic and treatment technique using, of all things…light! The doctor had just developed the technique and called it Neurophotonic Therapy. “This is not the same old, tired-out, color therapy,” the doctor assured him. “We have restored the strength in the muscles of a stroke victim and stopped brain seizures, and so much more, sometimes in one treatment,” the doctor had enthusiastically shared with him.

Over the years, a special bond and friendship had been formed with this doctor. It was more like visiting family than go to the clinic. It was a bond of love and trust, forged by the weathering of the worst of storms…together. As Joan lay on her back on the treatment table, the doctor placed the Neurophotonic Therapy apparatus over her eyes. “Photons of a specific frequency and wavelength would be registered as a specific color, such as red, by the classic visual mechanisms of the eye and brain, but some of the photons would travel through her body,” the doctor informed her. She was used to his lecturing to her as he treated her. Joan listened patiently, knowing from so many prior visits, that he truly loves what he does; that he loves teaching the fantastic new revelations he had uncovered since their last meeting.

He went on, “These photons travel through the tissues of the body, much like light passing through fiber optic cables. Every tissue in the body is indeed a part of an intricate web of interconnecting liquid-crystalline pathways. We can send the photons into the body and use our technique called Bio-Resonance Scanning to monitor any problems it causes in the body. If the photons can reach all the correct destinations without interference then we won’t find any problems. If the photons are not able to flow through correctly then we will see the entire body become physically, chemically, and electrically aggravated.”

The doctor was supremely confident that he would find Joan’s body greatly aggravated by the photon stimulation. No one he had ever tested was processing light correctly. He also knew that even with all the improvements he had helped Joan achieve through the years, there was still something he had missed…everyone had missed! This would be it, he was sure of it. With the explanation of the basic concepts of Neurophotonic Therapy finished, he proceeded with the testing.

(End of Part Two)

Copyright: David A. Jernigan, author, for AVS Journal (2005). All right reserved.