Part Two: An “E-Interview with Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D.

Q: What’s your definition of the perfect light and sound instrument? What would the glasses be like? How close does your SportsLink Focus Trainer come to meeting your definition of a perfect l/s instrument?

A: “A perfect light and sound machine would be small, easy to use, wireless and containing few enough programs to allow the user to understand and feel comfortable. Glasses would be something like the ones on the Focus Trainer allowing for active use. They should have a shade to attach if training the front of the brain since eyes should be closed and open for development of the back of the brain. I personally feel that more units would be sold and many more used if specific application was related to daily learning needs of the users. Emphasis should be on the understanding they are safe if they have read the restrictions and found no problems. It is my belief and observation that for learning and relaxation, conservation in using high level Hertz, etc., should be observed. I have carried that reputation for many years and have found no reason to change.”

Q: What considerations should someone new to light and sound take into account before using their first instrument?

A: “A new user should have goals in mind and utilize the unit for that purpose first. For instance, rest, sleep, travel, accelerated learning or focus training should show measurable results if used as directed. It is important that new users realize that the brain needs nutrients and light and therefore wants light as a stimuli. It is important that they follow the suggestions of the developer of the particular unit. For instance, lights and sound do not have to be at an uncomfortable level to be successful. Balance in hours of use are necessary since the body relishes structured balance in all forms. I received a call from a champion skeet shooter who informed me that the SportsLink had not ‘worked’. As we got into the story I found that he had used it four hours a day without any practicing. He complained that he had shot a match but didn’t win and that he was certain the light and sound machine was to blame. I suggested that he try it for another week and practice daily using the open glasses. The next week he won and has been using it ever since. He is still a world champion, endorses the unit and uses it in a balanced protocol.”

End of Part Two

Copyright: Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D., author and AVS Journal, Michael Landgraf, publisher (2006) Granada Hills, CA. All rights reserved.