Part Three: “Joan’s Story”

By David A. Jernigan, D.C.


(From the AVS Journal #4.3)

To his shock and barely contained incredulity each frequency of photon stimulation resulted in no detectible aggravation to Joan’s body! This can’t be happening, he thought to himself. No one has ever passed this test so well. One of the other staff doctors was observing the test, and through what can only be described as divine inspiration, interjected, “Test her with the Bio-Resonance Scanning for a blockage or interference at the top of her head.”

Joan caught herself holding her breath, as a glimmer of hope returned that maybe this new treatment could help her after all. The doctor tested for blockages at the top of her head. Immediately, the sparkle came back in his eyes and an appreciative smile was sent to his colleague. Joan immediately related the story of the brain infarct to the doctor; a fact that had been forgotten by the doctor over the course of time. The doctor enjoyed one of those “Eureka moments” that are so blissful, when just for a moment all is right in the world.

Using the latest technological advancement in cold laser therapy, the Erchonia® Frequencymodulated low-level laser, a non-cutting and non-burning laser, the neurological and photonic blockage and interference was cleared in a matter of minutes. Once more the Neurophotonic Therapy apparatus was placed over Joan’s eyes. For a moment everyone held their breath, but the results were evident. Joan’s entire body’s circuitry began to short-circuit! The doctor was in heavenly bliss to have uncovered this huge issue. What might have seemed a scary situation to others, he was elated about, since he knew exactly what he needed to do to correct this problem, now that it was revealed in all its ugliness.

Over the next two hours, photons of varying frequencies were sent into the body setting off aggravations which the doctor efficiently and rapidly corrected as they occurred. Joan listened as the doctor explained how each of the various remedies and treatments he was doing worked by realigning the liquid-crystalline pathways, what he called the crystalline matrix. “Some of the treatments”, he went on, “provide the body with anthocyanidins, which are plant-based pigments, the color from fruits and vegetables. The body uses these pigments to correctly process and conduct light through the crystalline matrix.”

With the correction of each photonic aggravation, Joan could feel an increasing sense of calmness settling into her being. She was fascinated and slightly frightened by the fact that every photonic (color) stimulation would initially throw her body into a mass of quaking and quivering nerves and muscles, but when corrected, the same color would be like food to a starved body! Many times it would take half an hour for her body to get “filled” with the color it had been blocked from receiving for so many years.

The doctor explained, “Your body uses light as a nutrient. Indeed, light is the glue that holds all of the atomic particles and molecules together. The eyes are the most crystalline structure in the body. They provide the primary and greatest pathway for light to flow into the body’s organ circuits. Primarily due to your brain infarct, the only light your body could receive was the small amount of light it could get from the secondary photoreceptors in your skin. You were literally starving for light! This is why you have been craving sunlight on your skin for so long.

This is also likely why you picked such intense colors to decorate the inside of your house. Your body needed intense color stimulation on the skin to feed the tissues.” “Does this have anything to do with why I wake up twenty times a night?” Joan asked. “Let me put it this way.” the doctor replied, “If you put a plant in an absolutely dark room, you can give it all the water and fertilizer it needs, but it will still die.”

He went on, “Research has shown that if you do the same thing to a person, first they will go insane, and then they too will die. If it hadn’t been for your constant pursuit of sunshine on your skin, you would have possibly died. As a matter of fact, you likely wake up twenty times a night, just so that you don’t die in your sleep.” The treatment room was filled with joy and celebration by the end of the visit. Joan felt as whole and sound as she had in years. Unanimously all were thankful to God, in His faithfulness. All were awed by the mastery with which God designed the human body to heal itself if given half a chance.

“It is interesting” said the doctor, “the Bible tells us that God made us in His image. In the book of Genesis, it says that Adam was clothed in light. And later in the book of 1st John, it says that God is light. Isn’t it fascinating that what we thought was a metaphor is actually reality?”

Joan had only been home a few days when the doctor called to check on her progress. With a song in her heart and a smile in her voice she gladly reported that she was sleeping soundly throughout the entire night and waking more rested. But that was not the only improvement, her mind that had felt like a car going 70 miles per hour in first gear, was finally able to cruise and relax. Her sun-craving was easing. Best of all, she knew in her heart that she had a sense of wellbeing, strength, and vitality that she had not known for many years. She knew a new chapter in her life was beginning. She would be able to leave the illness in the pages of the past for good.

(End of Part Three)

Copyright: David A. Jernigan, author, for AVS Journal (2005). All right reserved.