Part Three: An “E-Interview with Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D.

Q: You have participated in many research studies utilizing light and sound. Is there one study in particular that left an indelible impression on you?

A: “I have been involved in many, many research studies using light and sound. Most have been without a control group using non-parametric statistics for groups under 25. One of the more exciting ones involved 25 third grade students. Arizona State University did the before and after data testing. The study allowed the students a 20 minute light and sound program daily. At the end of six weeks a marked improvement in reading score occurred. The average gain was three (3) grade levels. Four students tested were higher than the post-test could record. The results gave rise to the belief that focus was the dominant gain allowing for retention and reading ease.

Another pilot study is ongoing with Reactive Attachment Disorder children as subjects. Anger management and self-calming improvement are the goals. These ‘out of sync’ kids need self-control abilities to improve their lifestyle.”

Q: I understand you have recently established the Chrishaven Foundation. Could you tell us a little about it and how we can get involved?

A: “Michael, thank you for asking about the Chrishaven Foundation. I am very proud that we have now established this 501(c)3, charitable cause. The primary purpose is to provide needed therapeutic services for children and youth diagnosed with labels stemming from neglect, abandonment, sexual and emotional abuse, manifested through behavioral disorders. A secondary purpose is to provide education concerning these individuals, their needs and the protocols that have been successful.

Many adopted children have these challenges with very little support from their parents. Having been the first, single, female adoptive parent in the United States, I have walked down the path of the adopting parent. I realize their needs and hope we can make a difference for these giving people. We are beginning a fund raising campaign to carry on a summer camp program for three weeks this summer, so any donations will be well used.”

End of Part Three

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