Part Six: “Joan’s Story”

By David A. Jernigan, D.C.


(From the AVS Journal #4.3)

In other words, when we use specific colors (frequencies) in color therapy, the frequency excites the atomic and molecular structure of the specific organ and tissues targeted by that color, which when the color therapy light is turned off the atomic and molecular structure returns to its less excited or new excitation state. When the tissue comes down from its excited state it emits its corresponding light frequency (color) unique to the tissue’s molecular characteristics and specific to their energy level.

Normally only one in four excitons will release a photon when an electron and a hole come together, and the other three are released as heat. However, with a deeper understanding of biological processes we can see how we have very good conditions where virtually all the excitons can emit photons instead of heat. It is this author’s belief that the hypothalamus is ultimately responsible for “doping” these molecular reactions, possibly through neuropeptide mechanisms.

The hypothalamus regulates the core temperature and is the “thermostat” of the body. To quote the Nobel-prize winning, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, PhD, “The proteins (and virtually every tissue) in the body are semiconductors. If a great number of atoms be arranged with regularity in close proximity, (as in the body’s liquid-crystalline matrix) single electrons cease to belong to one or two atoms only, and belong instead to the whole system. A great number of excited electrons may travel a certain distance.” (Emphasis added) The nice thing about semiconductors is that they can act as amplifiers, switches, oscillators, and such as needed. Much of the body’s liquid crystalline matrix (LCM) is made up of silica, a semiconductor that has an energy gap between its lower, filled electron states (this is the valence band) and its upper, unfilled electron states (the conduction band). In the laboratory as well as in color therapy, as a tissue is sufficiently stimulated, the excited electrons “travel” leaving behind positively charged “holes.”

These “traveling electrons” find the unfilled upper conduction band. When the color therapy stimulation is removed, virtually all of the electrons (excitons) drop to the lower state and re-occupy the holes. In almost all of cases the majority of excitons emit photons of visible light as they fall down a level, into the holes. Still, when the body needs heat the hypothalamic neuropeptide “doping” of the reaction will cause some of these excitons to release heat, instead of photons, which is a good thing for the body, which needs to maintain its temperature within an optimal range. The thyroid hormones may also play a role in doping the chemical reactions in order to increase the speed of metabolism yield heat.

In a healthy body, under the correct conditions photon production has a theoretical efficiency of nearly 100 percent, due to the large angular momentum of electron rotation as they interact with the spin of other electrons. “Liquid crystals reflect different wavelengths of light depending on the orientation of its molecules.” (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, 2003) In the body, tissues and organs have unique molecular structures. Based upon this science we see that the uniqueness of the various tissues molecular structure, be it the liver, heart, lungs…, will absorb, emit and reflect back through the body’s crystalline pathways, the color frequency unique to its molecular structure.

The wavelength of the photons determines its color. In the case of an after image, the color red being seen after taking the green glasses off is red due to the size of the energy gap of the emitting tissue substance. It is known that stimulating the body with the color green specifically stimulates the heart, among other specific tissues. Therefore, the heart, having a completely unique molecular and atomic structure than any other organ or tissue of the body, must have a unique photon frequency range that it responds to most strongly.

Disease is the result of a disturbance in or collapsing of the bio-crystalline pathways of the body. This author theorizes that all of the best natural healing methods work by influencing and manipulating these pathways in the body. It is the opening up of and maintaining the integrity of these bio-crystalline-fiber optic pathways that restores and ensures the long-term health of the human body.

The optical properties of any liquid crystal can be manipulated by subjecting the liquid crystal to a magnetic or electric field. Doing so changes the orientation of the liquid crystal’s molecular structure. A dramatic example of this is seen in a case where the author had a middle-aged woman who was able to regain full use of a previously paralyzed leg, foot and toes, within 30 seconds of applying a strong positive ceramic magnet over her sacrum and another over the thigh. The magnetic therapy resulted in a restoration of the ideal orientation of the bio-liquid crystalline matrix, which led to the reorientation of the optimal tissue molecular structure, and the realignment of the lines of tensegrity. Once this occurred, the effect instantly restored normal function throughout the bones, nerves, meridians, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues. This is made possible because every tissue of the body is made of bio-liquid crystals.

So now we see that not only can light photons (color) and sound manipulate the liquid crystalline matrix of the body, but also magnetic and electrical fields as well… sounds like alternative medicine is firmly supported by mainstream science!

It is likely that future research will verify that this knowledge will lead to the manipulation of gene expression in the treatment of disease. Especially in light of the fact that we already know that diagnostic ultrasound, such as is used on many pregnant women, causes genetic mutations after repeated exposure. We also know that color, being a much higher vibration than sound, has consequently a greater potential to have a therapeutic impact upon the human body.

So when you receive a Chiropractic adjustment, take a homeopathic remedy, eat high energy, sun-ripened, organic foods, use Magnetic Resonance therapy, meridian therapy, when you are maintaining a happy heart, or living and operating within God’s light and love, all will have direct and potentially lasting effects on the liquid crystalline matrix of your body. On the other hand, when you subject your body to toxic drugs, surgeries, radiation, or eat energetically dead “junk” food, harbor anger, fear, unforgiveness, and live in a synthetic-dominated world, it will also impact the crystalline matrix of the body…in a negative way. Every treatment or medicine is going to either enhance or harm this matrix. So do you still want surgery, and toxic pharmaceuticals?

Choose your medicine well!

Through the years doctors and scientist have focused upon the easily measured electrical and chemical aspects of the human body. However, what was not realized until now is that the electrical and chemical aspects of the body are dependent upon and preempted by the light/photon mechanisms of the body’s crystalline matrix, something not so easily measured by conventional methods.

(End of Part Six)

Copyright: David A. Jernigan, author, for AVS Journal (2005). All right reserved.