Part One: “Joan’s Story”


By David A. Jernigan, D.C.


(From the AVS Journal #4.3)

Joan Smith was mentally and physically drained after the creative brainstorming session with all the corporate board members regarding the additions to next year’s product line. Shewas glad to be alone in her office again. With an unconscious sigh, she gratefully sank back into the cushioned comfort of her high-backed leather chair, swiveling it around to face the large window overlooking the manicured lawns of the XYZ Corporation. Joan reveled in the warmth and energizing effects of the scintillating rays of sunshine streaming through her office window.

As one of the top executives in the corporation, she had been able to choose which office space she wanted. Though unable to say why at the time, she picked the sunniest office. She had strategically positioned her desk to get maximum exposure to the sun as it traveled across the sky in its daily trek to the western horizon.

Although her red hair and fair skin predisposed her to freckles rather than classic Hawaiian Tropic tan, Joan had an unreasonable need for daily sunlight on her skin. When faced with the option to eat lunch or run home and put on her bikini and sunbathe, depending upon how much sun she had gotten that day, she would often opt for the latter. “I sometimes get frustrated with her unreasonable need to sunbathe,” complained her husband. “We can be on vacation with the family, and everybody will be ready to go do something, but she will have to sunbathe before we go.”

Joan’s home reflected the success that comes from intelligence and hard work. It was one of the largest homes in the city, but its square footage was not its most distinguishing feature. Anyone entering the home was accosted with a sensory overload of brilliant fluorescent colors throughout! It was apparent that this was the home of a “light and color junkie!” When they built their house, Joan and her husband had worked with the architect to design a floor plan for the house that would facilitate the complete saturation of natural light. By design the home was striking in its openness. No walls would block the light from reaching the furthest corner.

Many picture windows and sliding glass doors had been strategically positioned, allowing sunlight to flood into the home and bounce off the bright greens, pinks, and blues, filling the rooms with an ethereal glow. The rooms were alive with the vibrations of photons of varying frequencies bombarding the body of anyone in the space.

It seemed that Joan’s entire life revolved, like the planet earth, around the sun. Although an accomplished gymnast as a younger woman, health and vitality had not always been hers to enjoy. As a young mother of three, she had been stricken by Lyme disease, a bacterial infection transmitted most often by ticks, mosquitoes and other blood sucking insects.

The Lyme disease had stolen years from her life, and that at its worst she was unable to hold up her head and was in a wheelchair. MRIs were taken of the brain. The news wasn’t good, a brain infarct, possibly from the Lyme disease. Literally, part of the brain was dead. Antibiotic treatments were fruitless in their simplistic and oft-hailed approach to disease treatment.

(End of Part One)


Copyright: David A. Jernigan, author, for AVS Journal (2005). All right reserved.