Part Four: An “E-Interview with Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D.

Q: You have worked with so many people, from all walks of life. Which area has proved most satisfying to you and why?

A: “I have worked with people from many ‘walks of life’ and I have enjoyed them and learned a great many things. We have brought 18 Olympic medals into OPNET, Inc., we have 6 PGA and LPGA golfers ‘cutting a check’ weekly and many other winners in sports fields. This has been exciting and very rewarding. If, however, I had to pick an area that was most satisfying to me, personally, I believe I would pick my continuing journey with children who struggle to function in a daily world of frustration, hurt and disappointment. Their resiliency and strength has taught me a tenacity that has guided me to new heights in my own life. The unconditional love these children give is priceless and I feel blessed to even be acquainted with them. I acknowledge their trust in my knowledge and strive to maintain a intuitive faculty within myself hoping this will give me the power to create something new and useful. I call on strong initiative to stand on my own feet, free and independent as an attribute to success in helping solve many challenges.”



Q: What do you believe are the most important issues facing the light and sound industry today? What would you like to see happen?

A: “The issues for the light and sound industry involve the lack of understanding of this simple, safe modality. I have, for 13 years, personally used this exciting approach for learning disorders, sports performance enhancement, accelerated learning, attachment disorders, emotional challenges, closed head injury, grief, depression and many other life-changing challenges. All protocols were goal oriented toward learning and relaxation and without incident. Hopefully, the powers that control these areas realize the value of light and sound and accept that there are alternatives in life everyone should be allowed to choose for their personal well-being. I have spent many years in the field of audio-visual stimulation and hold great hope for its growth and development in the future. The world needs it now, I deem it an honor to be counted among the growing AVS community. So many mental giants are among this group. I credit Michael Hutchison with enticing me onward and use his books as the ultimate resource. Robert Austin, Rob Robinson, and you, Michael, have given much to nurture this exciting modality. It has been a gift that the rest of us should acknowledge, give thanks and pledge to continue in a humble, dynamic and powerful attitude allowing us to perform creatively in any sphere of activity required.”

End of Part Four


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