Part Five: Of Scientists and Shamans: Mind, Molecules & Magic

By Zoe Seven


(From AVS Journal)

The achieving of this was imperative to me, for I wanted to have as good a perspective of my surroundings as possible. From what I had gathered so far, the place I now found myself at seemed to be a two or three story house. After horizontally floating away from the carpeted living room, I immediately came to a large wooden floor hallway that had a stairway going up. I did see at least one floor rest. My problem was that I had no idea where the murdered child’s room was, or whether she and her parents were even home yet. Because you see, there was no way of me telling what time of night it was. So I decided to check upstairs and see if the bedrooms were there. As soon as I had this thought, I instantaneously found myself in a small dark hallway, which took me into an open area. At this point I gave myself the mental command to start remembering details about what I was encountering in the house while looking for the bedrooms, for I knew that I only had but a few minutes in this out-of-body state.

One of the things I clearly remember seeing was an American Indian-style motif artwork that hung on one of the hallway’s walls. I also remember seeing a fireplace on an upper floor, which struck me as odd, because at least here in Florida— where I live—all fireplaces are on the ground floor. Another thing I remember seeing was a room that had a very impressive and expensive-looking bar, completely leather bound, stools and all. It also boasted a large number of liquor bottles. Along with this there was a large arcade style video game on the side of the bar.

However, I never got the opportunity to see what type of game it was, for while in the process of doing all of this, I started to feel like a thief in the night, intruding on someone else’s home. For I was doing this without the homeowner’s knowledge or consent. But my purpose was to see how the murdered had taken place and who had done it. So I felt that my non-physical prowling was at least justifiable in that sense. While in this non-physical ‘phantom state,’ if you will, something incredible dawned on me: The moment I see how this child was murdered, and who did it, I will become a witness in an ongoing murder investigation! Instantly I found myself back in my body, lying on my home office recliner. The binaural frequencies had stopped, and the CD player was on idle. And although I still felt kind of groggy, I did my usual audiotape recording of the exploration.

Most scientists claim that studies about the human mind and its abilities are still in their infancy.

Perhaps out-of-body experiences and other psychedelic states, natural and drug/ technology induced, offer glimpses of the innate abilities of the human psyche. I have always been a curious individual. And given this curiosity, I took it upon myself to investigate facets of my own psyche. Based on these investigations I must conclude that the human mind has paranormal abilities, which may be tapped into by certain practices.

In my books, Into The Void and Back From The Void I share some these personal techniques. I invite you to delve into your own psychological landscape by way of plants, potions and/or mind machines and see what is there for you. You may just be surprised at what you find “in there.”

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