Shakti – New technology for spiritual process.

Todd Murphy Researching

Behavioral Neuroscientist Laurentian University

Behavioral neurosciences program Associate researcher.  (Part 5 of 5)


On the other hand, things get a bit more interesting when we look at Shakti’s positive effects. First of all, there are two primary ways to use Shakti. In one, the person is looking for lasting after-effects. In the other, the person is looking for more dramatic experiences. Like what they may have seen in documentaries featuring Persinger’s work. There’s a safety precaution, though. These sessions should last an hour, and should be done more than once in three weeks, following a successful session. In looking for lasting positive effects, the person needs to repeat the sessions once a week, in normal states of consciousness. These sessions last 30 minutes. Even though most people became interested in this technology because of the more dramatic things possible with longer sessions, most Shakti users are opting for the shorter session, done more often. Enough suspense.

Here’s some of the effects produced during or after repeated sessions. – calm – a reduction of depression – enhanced introspective skills – lucid dreaming – out-of-body experiences – a greater sense of self – a sharp reduction in anger – enhanced visual acuity – pleasant detachment – floating sensations – “a sense good spiritual balance and general sense of being centered and optimistic” – “During my session it was as if I were seeing through the mask” – “wonderful vivid dreams” – “I had the strong feeling of sitting just reversed in my room and facing the opposite wall (eyes closed). This was a strong visual impression. – “I saw a black board with several words written on it. It seemed like I understood these words but when tried to look closer I noticed that they were written in a language unknown to me” – “relief from something that always seems to be there. ” These vary from one person to the next. Each brain is different. Some fight back, trying to reestablish the old neural settings in a process called metabolic snapback. Visit the website for more information. Longer sessions have produced visions of many kinds, mostly brief, and only a couple of people had truly episodic visions. I mean the kind that happen in NDEs or the native American vision quest. So far, it seems that being totally relaxed, still, and in a silent place help a great deal, and not everyone is able to manage the complete silence. One user tried white noise as a background, but that only interferes. A lot of the temporal lobes are involved in monitoring ambient noise, and white noise only adds to this activity, which must be quieted to allow Shakti to recruit the same area fully. Most people who are interested in this technology will prefer to read the testimonials taken from reports by participants. Now that Shakti is past the safety phase, the next goal emerges. Shakti still isn’t covered by any insurance, so the same disclaimers, etc. are still in place. Read them. But the goal is now to find whatever procedures are necessary to guarantee each person a spiritual process, even dramatic visions.

So far, most Shakti users (over 90 %) have had something to report, and the remaining few are working through a variety of procedures and new wave forms. One of them, “Shakti 5” is available to all participants on request, and it has elicited experiences when the standard one didn’t. I feel sure Shakti is on the right track. One day, we may find, partly thanks to the present Shakti participants, that the spiritual process, different for each person, can be engaged with a helmet and a few CDs. The spiritual process, as it’s understood traditionally, has a lot in common with Shakti. Both take time. Both can involve a ‘dark night of the soul’ both are different for each person. Both offer no promises to any one individual. But I can and do make one promise. That I will go on working out procedures for each person, until a session design appears for that person that works. And so on. Until each person has the same chance at spiritual transformation, no matter what their history or background.


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