Overcoming Fear


A customer asked: “We all have fear and most of it comes from our thoughts. And in my business there is fear of rejection, fear of looking foolish, fear of failure, etc…. How would I use the mind machine to help overcome fear?”

DAVID-Delight_PlusDAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

My answer: “By realizing fear is not worth it. Being afraid of something is one thing, but fear is like a preconceived notion that something is going to go wrong. That causes undue stress and anxiety and can lead to failure. Screw-ups are going to happen, so is being rejected. It sucks, but it happens to all of us. Make fear less important in your thoughts, try smiling when you have thoughts of fear. Fear is an unnecessary emotion when it comes to sales so learn to relax and don’t dwell on what makes you fear the unknown, instead turn those negative thoughts of fear into positive feelings of self-confidence. Try an alpha/theta session that is built into the DAVID Delight Plus or Delight Pro by Mindalive or the Procyon or Kasina by Mindplace light and sound brainwave frequency entrainment systems to get you into a hypnogogic state of consciousness where you can visualize any fear into asking yourself why you are fearful of something that hasn’t even happened yet. And smile when fear enters your thoughts, like you are challenging that word because you are better than fear, smarter than fear, and it has no place in your thoughts. It is not welcome in your life the same as all other negative thoughts. Alpha sessions and alpha/theta sessions that are part of the above mentioned mind machines (also known as brain machines and psychowalkmans) are great for reducing anxiety associated with fear.”

Procyon-mind-machineKasina by Mindplace

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