Optimal Focus Pro

Optimal Focus Training Guide for Swimmer


By Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D.

The skill of swimming is reliant on many things, getting of the block quickly, executing a fast flip turn, keeping focused and calm before the event and visualizing your swim as you train for the meet. Guarding against distractibility is paramount to your performance.

These skills plus many others will insure a winning time for your event in your next and many more thereafter.

Calmness in the Green Room prior to event:

            Session 6 if nervous: GREEN

Session 1 for energy: RED
Session 2 for focus: YELLOW

Practice for quickness off the block:

            Session 1 for quick reflex: RED

Session 2 for focus: YELLOW
Visualization practice of strokes, etc:

            Session 8 for visualizing: GREEN

Session 7 for “seeing”: VIOLET
Session 4 calm recall: BLUE

Imagers (in the moment):

            Session 5 imaging: ORANGE

Deep Sleep for rest and repair:

            Session 10 for relaxed rest: VIOLET

Stress control:

            Session 3 for inner calm

It is important for you to trust your own preference for a color. If you had rather switch color and continue to use the binaural sound suggested, feel free to do so. The brain has its own individual color preferences and this should be honored.

The more important information to help you develop as a world class swimmer is training your brain. Your brain is your body and your body obeys your brain. Therefore you need to rely on your ability to trust your brain. It is useful to use self-talk to tell your brain exactly what you want and what your goal is at the moment. Talk to yourself as you swim, alert yourself that a flip turn is coming or that you are getting ready to leave the block.

In training Olympic swimmers we have won gold and silver medal through mental focus, imaging and visualization. You have a useful tool in the Optimal Focus Pro and you will find that using it will help you develop these skills.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact OPNET, Inc. at 602-912-0609 for a free consult concerning the Optimal Focus Pro unit you have purchased. Dr. Ditson-Sommer also does confidence coaching using Skype throughout the world sharing the secrets that were used by the winning swimmers through the years. This confidence coaching is a vital part of the trainingprogram of young swimmers that have the talent to become accomplished.


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