Having more things to do in a day than you have time to do them can be a major source of stress and irritability. Your entire schedule can have a cascading snowball effect… you begin to get upset with yourself because you are making mistakes, friends back away because those mistakes are causing you to get mad, your brain is chattering away and won’t stop, you begin to lose sleep at night and the whole mess starts up all over again the next morning. You become depressed, down on yourself, short with others and everything suffers. Most of us just can’t multi-task, and those that do are just kidding themselves that they can do several things simultaneously and think everything will come out just as good as when that take on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is not more productive!


So what do you do? Things still need to get done. Well, you can learn to prioritize, learn to delegate or learn to say “NO”. Those are much better than having a heart attack or stroke.


Start by looking in the mirror and telling yourself you need to change. Try smiling while you are standing there, you may surprise yourself. Then get to work fixing your mess. Its really quite simple.


Then set aside twenty minutes during the day for ‘me time’. Don’t be negative! One errand or chore or responsibility can wait for twenty minutes. During that time use a light and sound mind machine, also referred to as a brain machine or psychowalkman. Select a twenty minute session in beta or alpha or theta, or before sleep select a delta brainwave session. You don’t have to do this every day, but please, do it frequently – for yourself.

The Mindplace Kasina Light & Sound Mind Machine

The Mindplace Kasina Light & Sound Mind Machine

In less than a month you will realize you have less stress, less irritability, are sleeping better and all those things are still being accomplished.


DAVID Delight Plus

So learn to relax. It could add years to your hectic life!