You Must WANT to Change


Light and sound brainwave frequency stimulation opens a door in your mind that is full of realizations about yourself, regardless of externally hearing about things you NEED to change until you are both deaf and numb, rather the realization you must WANT to change for whatever it is to happen happens. You must WANT change to happen. Regular use of light and sound sessions offer you continued inner-realization of your desired WANT with improved self-generated motivation and positive inner-reinforcement as benefits.


Light and sound can help you succeed in change. To succeed you should concentrate on a plan for achieving what you WANT. You want to be calm and focused when mentally formulating your plan, which is what a light and sound alpha/theta brainwave session does. The clearer more focused your mind is, the better your plan should be.


Light and sound brainwave frequency stimulation can help maintain your achievement through continued use. Primarily use light and sound mindmachine sessions in the alpha and theta range. But don’t just use any session in these brainwave states, choose sessions that have been researched and proven beneficial. Sessions that have been proven to do what they were designed to do and documented as such in the medical and educational fields are the types of sessions to look for. The DAVID Delight Pro by Mind Alive and sold through is the prefect example of owning a light and sound mind machine that contains sessions that have been fully researched and proven effective.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro Mind Machine including CES


Change is hard but with a mind machine as your tool you can increase your chances of making the change you desire and maintain your achievement throughout your lifetime.


This is what light and sound brainwave frequency stimulation has done for me. I have been sober since July 10, 1985.


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