mindLightz for Pre-Operative Anxiety


Too much thinking about an upcoming operation can cause a rise in blood pressure, having a lousy night’s sleep and frequent moments of anxious thoughts. Not good when you are taking pre-operative tests, x-rays, EEGs, EKGs, having blood work and whatever else the surgeon’s office can think of. That makes it hard to stay organized and focused, and why the mindLightz for pre-operative anxiety can be so useful.

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Of the 83 built-in mindLightz programs almost 50 of them are particularly useful for controlling stress, decreasing anxious thoughts and for getting a good night’s sleep. This programming variety enables you to choose which particular program best meets your needs at any specific time, be it for a short ten minute relaxation break, a half hour of guided visualization or gently entraining your brainwaves into deep delta, our sleep state. And with the mindLightz in ‘manual mode’ you can adjust programs or personally design new programs.

The mindLightz by MindGear is an Apple mind machine app (free in App store) that operates Bluetooth lightframes and headphones. The mindLightz Bluetooth lightframes are the only Bluetooth lightframes available – they are the first – and feature over 500 different blends and shades of color. The headphones are one of the best made with Bluetooth technology – no crackling sounds. Anyone with an Apple iPhone 4S, iPad3, iPod5 or any newer iPhone/iPad running iOS 6.1+ can experience the relaxing benefits of brainwave frequency entrainment – without wires!

And consider this: the mindLightz is an excellent adjunct to post-op care, greatly reducing the need for prolonged pain medication.


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