MindLightz for post-operative pain and discomfort


mind-machines78The mindLightz Bluetooth brainwave entraining programs can be a huge assistance when dealing with post-operative pain and discomfort associated with medical procedures.


Of the 83 built-in programs contained in the mindLightz by Mindgear over half target brainwave states that can reduce the sensations of pain and discomfort when surgery is behind us and getting back to normal is our goal.


After two operations in the last six months I have found weaning myself off pain medications – ie, no more refills – can be the pits. I still experienced pain. I used the mindLightz to change my attitude from needing pain meds to cope to realizing it wasn’t pain I was still experiencing but massive discomfort. The mindLightz made it easier to forget about wanting more pain meds and instead helped me realize all that I was feeling was the discomfort of my body healing. The mindLightz was a huge help. My physician, surgeon and nurses, after seeing how I was using the mindLightz, made it clear they wanted more information about the mindLightz so they could recommend this system to other patients.


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If you are about to have a medical procedure we at Mindmachines.com highly recommend incorporating the mindLightz into your post-operative recuperation routine.


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