Medical Procedures and the Kasina


There are two reasons why I purchased the Kasina light and sound mind machine by Mindplace.

First, I am facing a medical procedure for a cancerous tumor that will require eight to twelve weeks of recuperation. I want to have a non-medicinal modality for pre- and post-op recovery. I’m no fool, listening to my doctors, will take the prescribed meds, well most of them, but find using my Kasina before this operation reduces my anxiety level and I feel much less anxiety in the days before this procedure occurs.

The Mindplace Kasina Light & Sound Mind Machine

The Mindplace Kasina Light & Sound Mind Machine

I also feel using the Mindplace Kasina as part of my post-op routine will boost my ability to heal more quickly. It definitely made a positive impact on my post-op treatment program when I had my hernia repaired three weeks ago. It took a little more than half the time for my balanced feeling of wellness to return rather than what my physician said I should expect.

The second reason for my choosing the Mindplace Kasina was for meditation. Both guided and non-guided inner quests for deep, creatively visual meditative experiences. I am a stressful person by nature, always seem to need to be worrying about something, but the Mindplace Kasina available through produced some very positive mood shifting effects. And those effects didn’t just disappear at the end of a Kasina session. I was aware of the mental and emotional sensations for hours afterwards. These sensations had a positive impact on how I felt physically.

If you are facing a medical procedure involving several weeks for recuperation I highly recommend the Mindplace Kasina that is available at You may experience a quicker recovery period, less dependence on pain medication (prescribed pills) and maintain a positive mental attitude.


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