Liquid Crystal GSR


AWARE SQUARES and LIQUID CRYSTAL GSR. Much like a thermometer, they accurately monitor your system’s blood flow and allow you to view your body’s physical response to daily stressors. Aware Squares are completely safe when affixed to any external part of the body. We recommend placing them on one of your hands, at the base between your thumb and forefinger. This will allow for maximum viewing.

Another placement suggestion is affixing an Aware Square (or Liquid Crystal GSR) on the inside portion of your wrist. By placing clear adhesive tape over the square and gently affixing both ends of the tape to your wrist, the Aware Square can stay on for hours. It is very simple to apply the Aware Square. Gently bend a square between thumb and fore finger to peel off the white backing, allowing the adhesive to show. Then affix to skin area by lightly pressing.

There are times when the effects of a light and sound session can be very subtle. Our mental, emotional and physical response to the session can be difficult to determine. This is one example of how Aware Squares can prove valuable. Before you begin a session, place an Aware Square on your hand. Allow 2-3 minutes for the square to activate. Observe the color of the square. Experience the session. Upon session completion, again observe the square. Did the color change? Are you mentally aware of any differences?

Quite often, utilizing Aware Squares as a “before and after” indicator will help us become mentally aware of the changes we experience from a light and sound session. Another facet of Aware Squares are the edges. There will be occasions when your Aware Square will be one solid color. Other times, you will notice that the edges are a different color than the center portion. This is an excellent indicator of which direction you are headed in. For example, say your square is green, representing a “normal” state, but the edges are blue. This tells you that you are in the normal mode, but are leaning towards a more tranquil state. Likewise, if the middle is green but the edges are yellow, chances are you may be getting a bit tense.

Just as our awareness to the benefits of a light and sound session can be heightened through the use of Aware Squares, so too can we become aware of our response to daily stress. Wear an Aware Square at work or school. What situations cause the square to lighten? Being aware of your physical response to stress will allow you to take action, to safeguard against the negative effects of stress. Aware Squares were tested at and work best in an environment where the temperature is approximately 73 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend placing them at the base between thumb and forefinger for maximum viewing. Simply squeeze AWARE SQUARE with thumb and forefinger to peel off backing and affix to skin area by gently pressing. Allow a few minutes to pass, then view your AWARE SQUARE. Compare color to interpretation chart.

Liquid Crystal GSR: Remember Mood Rings? How about Biodots and more recently Aware Squares?Liquid crystal sheets are the same thing! They are an effective, reusable and cost-effective means for determining your physical state. Many of us who use light and sound instruments would like GSR devices to measure our physical reaction to states of stress and relaxation, but the only choices available outside of spending a couple of thousand dollars are audio-based / tone-stimulated units that are battery operated. And most of them are pretty good. But what about those of us who prefer visual stimulation over audio, and want it fast. Liquid Crystal GSR is the perfect indicator of how you are affected by a light/sound session. Place your hand on the sheet, count to 30, remove your hand and compare it to the color interpretation chart. Do the same right after the session and see if any changes occurred. Very basic method, and accurate. Liquid crystal sheets are quick acting and provide an accurate gauge for monitoring blood flow and physical stress. These sheets are a versatile and economical tool for those who are personally concerned in controlling stress and pressures encountered in their daily lives. Each sheet is 12″ x 12″ with a peel-off backing and can be easily cut with scissors. By cutting into small squares and peeling off the backing, you can adhere the liquid crystal between your thumb and forefinger for an indefinite time (just like Aware Squares). This allows you to visually track your physical responses to stressors when it matters most. For example, any golfers out there? How’s your putting game? Do you inhale or exhale before you putt? Visibly check your physical state as you play your round. Be aware of your physical responses to how you play, it could lower your score. And what about students studying for an exam? Studies have shown being in a relaxed state is more conducive to learning than being anxious. Having a liquid crystal square affixed to your hand could help you in maintaining a more relaxed and focused state.

Liquid Crystal GSR is available in three different temperatures: 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit (changes color at a transition point just about equal to room temperature); 77-86 degrees Fahrenheit; 86-95 degrees Fahrenheit (changes color just slightly below body temperature). Each sheet is 12″ x 12″ and comes with an adhesive, peel-off backing.

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