Light, Sound and Marijuana

Smoking weed and doing a light and sound session happens. The simple fact is that some people do it. This area of the Mindmachines blog is strictly about the experiences of those who have combined all three and NOT about the politics or legality surrounding marijuana. We have lost count of how many individuals that purchased a mind machine fully intending to experiment. Every experiment, every experience is a story. So we open this area to those of you who have experienced or are contemplating experiencing light and sound stimulation while high. If you would like to share your experience(s) and thoughts about simultaneously doing all three please email submissions (300-500 words) to

WARNING: Should you combine pulsed light and sound stimulation with music and marijuana you run the risk of experiencing adverse affects including the potential for seizure. You do not want to be stoned and have a seizure.

We do not advocate the use of marijuana and certainly caution against smoking marijuana and indulging in pulsed light and sound stimulation. Nevertheless, we have met many who do.

That first experience with people who consumed marijuana, alcohol or their favorite combination then proceeding to experience a mind machine light and sound session really made me question just how accurate the seizure potential is. I was led to believe everyone who combines meds; alcohol or marijuana before or during a light and sound session will be adversely affected.

This initial experience occurred back in my InnerQuest days (early 1990s), when I was asked by PolyGram / Mercury Records to showcase light and sound to their guests at a party they were hosting. It was at a well-known Hollywood nightclub and began after Tribe after Tribe finished their set. I brought ten mind machines along that night and for three hours they were all in continuous use. Most guests were indulging in their favorite drink / drug and by their red eyes and silly smiles were enjoying a fun time. They listened to a 9Hz light and sound alpha session combined with a couple Tribe after Tribe cuts. Nobody took his or her lightframes off before the session ended; nobody mentioned dizziness, nausea or any other discomfort. Most thought the experience was excellent; many wanted to do it again. Dozens of happy partygoers and not one complained of feeling any adverse effects.

That night I observed just how entertaining a pulsed light and sound session could be while in a mind-altering state…