Is your blood pressure rising?


A few years back I met an assistant coach for a local professional basketball team that had high blood pressure. He was being constantly monitored by a nurse as his team traveled around the country making sure his blood pressure was stable. Being followed around by her 24/7 drove him crazy – his words, not mine. So I turned him on to a light and sound mind machine (also known as a brain machine, dream machine, even psychowalkman). I showed him how to use the mind machine and suggested he try the built-in sessions in the alpha and theta brainwave frequency ranges. The sessions helped immensely and the team was able to scale back the nurse’s long hours of making sure his blood pressure was in the healthy range. And I was the lucky recipient of several excellent tickets for some exciting NBA games. Volunteer work does have its perks!


With advanced technology mind machines have become even more effective. And as I’ve gotten older I find I too am beginning to see my blood pressure gradually rise. So I practice what I’ve preached and depending upon if I’m home or away use the Bluetooth MindLightz by Mind Gear or my Delight Pro by Mind Alive.

Bluetooth mindLightz for Apple devices

Bluetooth mindLightz for Apple devices

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES











My doctors tell me to keep exercising, eat healthy and keep using my mind machines. So I do, and I feel great.


If you are experiencing the symptoms of high blood pressure consider purchasing a mind machine. It will help you feel less stress, you’ll sleep more soundly and you’ll have a more positive mental, emotional and physical state of mind.


One fifteen minute light and sound mind machine session two or three times per week can do wonders for your personal wellbeing. Try it and you will understand…