Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 11.01.03 PMThis is a screenshot from an amazing piece of software that is as incredible as it is difficult to describe.  It is called. “The Portacle” and was developed over many years by Don Estes, a pioneer in the field on consciousness and tactile stimulation.

Where to begin? How best to introduce this enigmatic technological achievement?

On one hand you can think of The Portacle as a “You’re getting warmer indicator” when practicing the law of attraction or a way of receiving feedback and reinforcing positive mental and spiritual activity.  In another instance it can be thought of as your private digital therapist.  Yes, really!  Talk into The Portacle and listen to what you hear back.  Then repeat those things you hear and elaborate.. and continue.  It sound pretty strange, but it is entirely fascinating.

Another way to think of The Portacle is that it “hacks” into the subconscious and provides feedback and clues to what is going on deep in the psyche and spirit.

Ok, how’s that?  Pretty interesting, right?  Without further delay let me introduce Don Estes, the inventor of The Portacle!  In the following articles you will hear directly from Don and we at mind will be chiming in also.