The InnerQuest IQ – JR Mind machine

The InnerQuest IQ jr was one of the finest mind machines ever produced. The late founder of Psych Research, Rob Robinson, worked with Gayland Hurst, Ph.D. and Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D. to compile fourteen highly effective built-in light and sound brainwave frequency sessions that during the 1990’s proved beneficial to thousands of light and sound mind machine users worldwide.



Though basic in style, at least by today’s standards, the InnerQuest IQ-JR featured two types of brainwave frequency stimulation with the ability to ‘hold’ any specific frequency or pattern of frequencies during any given light and sound session, whether those frequencies were in Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta or any combination thereof.



The InnerQuest IQ-JR was a complete system that came with red LED light frames, high quality headphones that were soft, comfortable and completely blocked out all outside noise, ac adapter and an owners manual that was incredibly easy to understand. If Psych Research / InnerQuest was still around today there is no question that the IQ-JR would still be a top-selling mind machine.