In closing, I would like to ask all of you who own pets for your assistance. I believe sound frequencies could be of benefit to these members of our family, but have experienced difficulty in having this idea accepted by veterinarians.

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This idea came to me when I had to leave one of my kittens overnight at the vets for observation. Picture this: One large room of people’s pets that are in cages. All of them are stressed from being away from their families and being placed together in this room. Many do not feel well. Others are recovering from operations. They all feel alone. It is nighttime and all the lights are out. Hopefully an attendant occasionally checks in on them.

There are sound sessions that could help them relax, perhaps even fall asleep.

Now if relaxing is conducive to our wellbeing, aiding us in our response to medical treatment and recovery, is it too hard to believe that our pets would experience the same benefits? Please give this idea consideration, for your own pets.

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