In the first article about addiction relapse prevention treatment I described why a recovering addict should utilize a light and sound mind machine. Now I will describe how a recovering addict should use a pulsed light and sound mind machine as a modality for preventing addictive relapses.

This is with the understanding that the addict has sought medical treatment, graduated from a rehabilitation center or is regularly attending AA, NA or other meetings that deal with their personal addiction. It is also understood that only those who have the personal desire and motivation to kick their addiction(s) are those who stand the best chance of conquering their problem.

As an addict, you obviously understand that only a small percentage of individuals have the chance of living addiction free for the remainder of their life. I have heard about addiction centers claim 80% to 100% success rate. My question to those who make such claims is: ?Is that immediately upon their clients graduating from their programs?? or ?Have these centers conducted follow-ups with their graduates 5, 10, 15 years after graduating to see if their previous clients are still addiction free?? I do not believe in such claims. They are outrageous. Relapse happens and it is not the lack of therapy or information provided by the medical community or help groups, it is the fact that addicts may revert to their old ways, for any number of reasons.

Using a light and sound mind machine should help you deal with the thoughts, impulses and urges of reverting back to your addictive behaviors. I recommend the DAVID Delight Pro by Mindalive. This mind machine is designed to help you relax, focus on the moment, and alleviate unnecessary brain chatter that can lead to stinking thinking. That may be an old term, but it is and will always be relevant.

Before embarking on your personal journey of using the Delight Pro, write down what you want to achieve: your goals and why they are important to you. Create a simple plan for realizing these goals. Remember: baby steps. Don?t make things difficult; don?t create goals that are unrealistic. Keep things simple! And keep what you?ve written close to your mind machine. It?s a good idea to make a copy of what you?ve written and keep it in your wallet or purse and refer to it when you feel the need to review it. I did. It acts like a booster; a reminder of what is important to you when doing a light and sound session is unavailable.

You do not need to do a session every minute of the day. As you use your mind machine you will soon realize what works best for you. Think of it this way: every one is different; every one is affected differently by outside events. What will work best for one individual may not work as well for you. So be aware of your mental, emotional and physical states and decide what is best for you. Some people listen to a session for 60 minutes a day. Some do a short 15 to 20 minute session a day, sometimes twice, other times once; it?s your decision. But when you do experience a session, focus on the words you wrote, the things you wish to achieve, the things you could not possibly achieve if you were still an addict and not recovering.

When using the Delight Pro, start with session 3, the Alpha Relaxer, in the Meditation category. Use this session for a week. Then move on to session 4, Schumann Resonance and session 5, Theta, for another week to two, your choice. Now move on to the Feeling Better category. Experience all five of those sessions over the next few weeks. You should feel less anxiety, a greater sense of relaxation, begin to sleep better and you should notice a profound decrease in negative brain chatter. As you progress, utilize sessions 3 and 4 in the Energize category and sessions 2 and 3 in the Brain Brightening category. There is no set timetable for utilizing each specific session, rather, proceed with what you feel to be comfortable. There is no rush to experience them all at once. Just relax, focus on the words you?ve written while experiencing each session, and allow yourself to be patient.

When doing a session, keep the brightness of the lights low with your eyes closed. The more you experience sessions, your eyes will build tolerance to the brightness and you may increase the intensity. But always keep the brightness at a comfortable level. Brighter is not better or more effective. The same applies to the audio volume. Keep the sound of the pulsed audio beats just below the threshold of your hearing. Just like the light intensity, audio volume at a low, comfortable level is best. Having the volume set high does not make it any better or any more effective. For a complete understanding of how best to use a mindmachine and to learn how to maximize your session experiences, read the easy-to-understand ebook ?Mind States / An Introduction to Light & Sound Technology?. The last chapter of ?Mind States? contains a 30-Day Journal for you to write down your reactions to the sessions you have just listened to. It is of immense value for looking back and seeing the chances that have been occurring to you as you progress from day one to day thirty. You should be amazed at the subtle changes that have occurred to your mental, emotional and physical states of being. Use it? you’?ll be thankful you did!