Having a competitive edge in college education


It seems like it is always exam time, homework, study, go to class, take a test, get a grade. Its a lifestyle started way back and continues all the way until you ask yourself: What next?

If you gave your youthful academic lifestyle your best, it is an achievement no one can deny you. Transitioning into college, where goals are often met with determined competition, being the best prepared often determines who wins and who loses. What so many students fail to realize is the same exact smartphone or smartpad that entertains them between class is the exact device that can help them learn and remember information for class. Various color lensframes built for looks and comfort, barely audible binaural beats emanating beneath your favorite music or class-related information. Its too easy. You do the same thing once, twice, maybe three times and sense what you are not feeling…

You are not feeling pre-test anxieties. Over the years I have had opportunities to assist individuals prepare for examinations both academically and professionally. What regularly occurs is as these students prep using light and sound as part of their study regiment, is their surprise at how relaxed they feel, not tense as what normally happens. Like they are worried that they are not worried. They have learned the information and committed it to short term memory thanks to the brain’s neuroplasticity. And they become relaxed. This is a mental sensation, a brainwave state, ready to focus. Take each test head-on. Out-perform the competition. How? Brainwave focus training. Generating greater neuronal activity and network creation and assimilation leads to greater density and learning ability. So when you hear another student say they are full, brain dead, can’t remember any more, in reality that is bull. You know it because you have an incredibly complex neuro-communication center: your brain. And you know the potential of what owning an educational accessory like a light and sound machine means: training your brain to achieve your best performance.



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