Good Morning… Let the Stress Begin


Good morning stress

So many thoughts went through my mind the first time I saw this picture. It was like ‘what a hell of a way to wake up’. Then I remembered what my wife said that when she wakes up her mental list of ‘things to do’ kicks in and how my daughter must first check her iphone for texts and voicemail. Me? I’m built for comfort. Took some time to train myself to go easy into my day, be it a workday or weekend, but I prefer to start my day in first gear, not overdrive.

So I allow myself a few extra minutes in the morning by waking up a little earlier than I have to. Only 20 minutes earlier. It enables me to enjoy a cup of coffee, play with our dog and cat, go outside and breathe the morning air, and just take some time to ease into what is always a busy day ahead.


Wasn’t always this way. Used to wake up anxious, stressed about my daily schedule. It tired me out before I even got started. So I decided to change. I bought a light and sound mind machine. It’s called the DAVID Delight Plus and has binaural beats. I use just the audio portion of the brainwave entrainment sessions in the morning. Just hooked up a pair of cheap computer speakers to the audio port of my Delight Plus and let the audio beat frequencies do their magic. Although I have the volume set at a very low level, just around the threshold of my hearing, the audio stimulation travels through the kitchen, dining room and porch, where I prefer to roam during my morning getting-started routine.


This lifestyle adjustment took less than a week before I started noticing the positive affects it had on me. I was less stressed all day long, my blood pressure lowered, I was sleeping more soundly, and I find I have more energy. I’m relaxed, more productive and feel like a better person. As a customer I want to thank Michael Landgraf and Christopher Oliver for recommending the DAVID Delight Plus by Mind Alive. It has made my life easier!


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