Good meditative experiences don’t always happen

Our experiences during meditation will always vary due to
our mental and emotional frame of mind, as well as our
stress and anxiety levels as we cope with daily activities.
It is natural to judge past meditative sessions into okay,
good, damn good, etc., and I suggest you keep a small
journal to record your feelings and thoughts. It is
fascinating, when looking back to when you started
to where you are today, to realize all the subtle
changes that have occurred during your experiences
while meditating.

Be focused during meditation. Remember, there isn’t really good
or bad meditation experiences just as there are no bad or
wrong ways to feel. Meditation is about learning to relax. The
ability to release tightness and invisible pressure
surrounding the mental, emotional and physical states of
being, at will, is an achievement meditation can provide.

Still, it is nice to have positive meditative experiences all
the time. To assist me in ensuring that happens I use a
mindmachine. I incorporate eastern wisdom with western
technology to enhance every meditative session I experience.
I look forward to using my DAVID Delight Plus brainwave disentrainment
machine because of the effortless conscious participation on my
part. I can immediately just ‘let go’. Deep, timeless states of
awareness, coupled with realizations and vivid ideas, is what I
receive when combining my Delight Plus with meditation.


Copyright: Michael Landgraf (2013) CA. All rights reserved.