“Getting stoned and coming up with ideas for writing comes naturally yet transferring thoughts to my laptop or pen + paper often takes a mental detour. My focus expands as those thoughts and ideas become altered while writing. I would lose focus, feel my concentration dissipate and my mind wander.


As I enjoy getting stoned in my quest for new ideas, my thoughts of possible solutions turned towards finding something that would help maintain my focus as I transferred complete thoughts and ideas into words. Whatever it was, the main requirement was that it assist during my writing for maximum effect, not before I start or after the story is finished.


I had read about light and sound mind machines, seemed like their ability to generate brainwave entrainment, to improve my on-task focus while writing, was what I needed. Only problem though, I was lead to believe in order to use one of these devices you had to have your eyes closed during a light and sound session.


That impression proved to be untrue. I found see-through or viewhole eyesets that enabled my eyes to be open during a mind machine session. I bought my DAVID Delight light and sound machine with open-eye style eyesets from Mindmachines. The information they provided convinced me that this was the correct choice.


My DAVID Delight with viewholes has enabled me to improve my on-task focus and increase the amount of material I can write during a ‘writing session’ compared to before. The alpha / relax and theta / meditate sessions are my desired states, and I respond well to my Delight’s alpha and theta sessions while my eyes remain open.


When smoking marijuana is a preferred requisite for inducing creative thoughts adding light and sound stimulation at very low brightness and audio intensities has been shown to assist while transferring creative thought into written words. It works for me!”

–          Name withheld by request