Finding your Zone through Synchrony Part 3


Light and sound programs have been written for many years. Some to provide entertainment, some to stimulate certain mental states. The programs used at the 2000 Sydney Olympic games by different athletes ushered in the first use of this modality with such exciting results. Hopefully this will open the door to more specified program development with the individual user in mind. Such “prescriptive” approaches can do nothing but supplement the positive utilization of this outstanding modality through the use of safe, reliable program development in the future.


Hopefully this is a never-ending story. The athletes are already setting their sites on Athens 2004 and are setting up training times in the Arizona Center. NBA team members are using mindmachines to improve free throw shooting and NFL players are sitting in the locker rooms before a game stimulating synchronous states of mind for better performances.


Light and sound is a treasure, a gift and a miracle all rolled into one. The same program that brings an athlete a Gold medal can enable a child to get better grades. Programs that allow relaxation and rest to the sleepless and anxious can provide mental comfort to children suffering from attachment disorders and post traumatic stress disorders. The greatness of this modality must be recognized and preserved through careful and meaningful use to insure its presence and forward movement to a complete acceptance by all.

Light and sound mind machines are alive and well and are a partner for many who strive for peak performances in their daily lives.


Copyright: Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D. for (2000) AZ. All rights reserved.