Encounters with the Fantastic: The AV3X meets the Diviner’s Sage

By Zoe Seven

(Part Five of Five)

In truth consciousness is all that exists and infinitively creative and indestructible. As I was saying this I suddenly felt an electric-like shock come over me and after an instant or two I began to discern in my mind’s eye a group of scientists that were working on an experiment in a laboratory. I also had some thoughts that concurred with what I was seeing. The scientists were using computer equipment and various high tech and medical instruments. My awareness or consciousness immediately sized the environment traveling through every micro centimeter of it and through everything and everyone, realizing that “it” was part of a “bigger” consciousness: of the consciousness that creates the minds of the scientists as well as their mathematical formulations and equations; the consciousness that creates the laboratory they work in, the instruments themselves, the consciousness that creates the air and oxygen the scientists breathe as well as the sky, the stars, the galaxies and everything in existence in the scientists reality. Yet at the same time consciousness was outside observing itself through me…

Based on this particular experience I understood that consciousness is truly all that exists; formless in its original state but embedded with the potential to become anything imaginable including nothing! (As in nothingness.) At one point during this experience I felt as though I somehow “dropped” from the state I had been in. It was rather abrupt, and upon further investigation I realized that the track on the DVD had finished. I still had some lingering effects of the Salvia but they were mild. Nonetheless the experience had seemed real, very real, and the technology I was using together with the plant seemed to be something that’s beyond virtual reality. I was awed by what I had just seen and experienced and further understood that Nature was indeed attempting to communicate with those capable of understanding it; this Intelligence was communicating its intentions: integration as opposed to separation.

Excerpted from chapter 3: “PlantSpeak,” of the book Back From The Void by Zoe Seven

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