There are times when a light and sound mind machine just isn’t necessary. Kicking back in a boat, wearing only a swimsuit and sunscreen, enjoying the moment with family and friends, is an example of not needing brainwave frequency stimulation. You are already in your desired state of mind.

Belize Barrior Reef 1a copy

Ambergris Caye is a place you’d never come across a mind machine. They’ve got the world’s second longest barrier reef filled with all kinds of sea life crossing the horizon less than half a mile off their coast. They have Chicken Drop Night on Thursdays at Caliente’s. Perhaps the only place in the world where you can place a bet on which number a chicken will poop on. And win $1,000. The island is a paradise of simplicity, of smiling faces and laughter.

But when it’s time to leave, to get back to work and the refreshing feeling of vacationing in paradise becomes a pleasant memory, a mind machine just may be what you need to rekindle those thoughts for rejuvenating your mental, emotional and physical state of wellness. At least until you are able to return to paradise…

Bluetooth mindLightz for Apple devices

Bluetooth mindLightz for Apple devices


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