Do you ever feel flat? Uninspired? Unable to be creative because you just cannot think of any new ideas? You know, the feeling of going to that well one last time but that well is dried up? How do you go about kick-starting your creative juices once more? How can you possibly come up with anything original when you feel the blahs?

Simple. When ideas refuse to formulate in your mind, try doing one 15-20 minute 4-7Hz session once a day for four straight days. Sessions in this frequency range are often referred to as creativity sessions, and are categorized as being in the theta brain wave state. During the session, don’t focus on anything, just let your mind drift from thought to thought. Listen to your favorite music while doing each session. Then on the fifth day, skip doing the session. For the next couple of days, allow your thoughts to just come to you. Imagine your relief when one of those thoughts contains the idea you had been trying so hard to think of. The idea was already there, tucked away in some corner of your mind. It just needed a little push to surface. Theta is a good state to look for that idea and avs is the vehicle to take you there. This is a method that has helped hundreds and could help you.

From AVS Journal, Fall 2001. All rights reserved.