If you are in the direct selling business…

A customer asked me a very interesting question the other day about training with mindmachines  that is worth sharing with those of you in the business of direct selling. She is in the direct selling business which requires going out talking to people and making phone calls and such. In her past that hasn’t been her personality, She has decided to change herself. She truly enjoys the growth and personal development that comes with it. She studies a lot of training like with Grant Cardone and Tom Hopkins. And she asks: “How would I use my mind machine to help me memorize the training better, and is there a way to make it a part of myself sooner. (Than say the 10000 hours rule)”


To which I replied: “Something I learned long ago from listening to Tony Robbins was where he said your mind will listen to your own words moreso than listening to someone else saying the same thing. So what I do, and have suggested to many others, is record in your own voice the material you want to commit to memory and listen to that audio track while doing a light and sound session. Light and sound brainwave frequency entrainment systems like the DAVID Delight Pro, DAVID Delight Plus, Mindplace Procyon and Proteus are excellent choices when committing to memory what you are learning. Most people choose to use a theta binaural beat frequency session, some find alpha the better choice. For me theta works best, but as all of us are different, what works best for one not always works best for another. Your mind machine has an input port and comes with a stereo patch cord for connecting your audio device to the mind machine unit (sometimes referred to as brain machine, dream machine and psychowalkman) enabling you to do this method.”

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